£2Million Pumped Into Projects to Feed Families Over Summer Holidays

Projects : Free meals and activities in summer holidays for disadvantaged families

£2million of funding will go towards helping to feed thousands of families across England over the summer break, plus give them the chance to take part in free classes and activities it’s been announced.

The project is due to be trialled in 2019, and will be run across the country including the North East, Birmingham, and London.

These projects will also provide free meals for the most disadvantaged families who may rely on the free school meals they receive during term time, the Department for Education said.

And the projects will provide free meals for the most disadvantaged families, who rely on Free School Meals during term time.

Mr Zahawi said: “For most pupils, the end of the school summer term signals the start of holidays, days out and a chance to make memories with friends and family. Other families, who might rely on the support provided by schools, are not so lucky.

“These projects will provide a range of support for families during the summer break.

“They will also give children access to experiences that won’t just create great memories but will help broaden their horizons and build the confidence they need to succeed in whatever path they choose to follow.”

Here’s a roundup of the organisations who successfully bid to be part of the scheme, and the programmes they will provide.

Paul Whiteman, general secretary of school leaders’ union NAHT, said: “Holidays can be a time of enormous stress for families, particularly the ones that rely on their school for support with childcare, activities and, heaven forbid, food.

“During term time, there are all sorts of other experiences that schools provide for young people at low or zero cost to parents that just aren’t available in the holidays. This forces families to dig even deeper into their pockets during the holidays, with financial commitments to activities running to hundreds of pounds in lots of cases.”

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