A memorial to Darcus Howe can be seen on Railton Road, in Brixton

A memorial to Darcus Howe can be seen on Railton Road, in Brixton

Darcus Howe, one of Brixton's most important figures, will be honoured with a blue plaque on Railton Road next Tuesday (4 January).

It will join a memorial commemorating the time spent in Brixton by revolutionary, writer and historian CLR James.

Both are on the Brixton Advice Centre building at 167 Railton Road, which used to house the trailblazing Race Today Collective.

The guidance centre recently revealed its plans to quit.

CLR James' birthdate is January 4.

Darcus Howe, a Black British civil rights activist, writer, and co-founder of the Race Today Collective, died in 2017.

The Nubian Jak Foundation, in collaboration with English Heritage, constructed the plaque in his honour.

Black History Walks sponsors it.

Dr. Darcus Howe was an important figure in the Black Panthers, Mangrove 9, Bangladeshi housing, and the Brixton Uprisings.

With the Race Today Collective, he revolutionised the face of British TV with the Bandung File and Devil's Advocate.

With a history spanning from 1973 to 1988, Race Today was in the forefront of the fight for racial equality in Britain.

“With the global struggle against police racism and brutality, it is crucial that young activists understand about the recent history of Black radicalism in Britain, especially the Black radical press,” Black History Walks stated in a statement.

"By integrating the realities of Black communities in Britain with other battles," the statement stated, "Race Today and its writers opposed discriminatory institutions."

Race Today, edited by Darcus Howe and Leila Hassan from 1985, was a key anti-racist Black voice in London.

Bryan Knight of Novara Media writes about Race Today's importance and influence.

The plaque unveiling will be both a public and online event, with scheduling and contributions contingent on current regulations. It will take place between 12 and 1.30pm.

A DJ is set to play Darcus' favourite music, while Leila Hassan-Howe, Tamara Howe, Nubian Jak, Patrick Tornsey from the guidance centre are anticipated to speak briefly.