A Scottish mother who pays £50 a day for power “can’t handle it anymore,”

A Scottish mother who pays £50 a day for power “can’t handle it anymore,”

A mum who has been paying £50 a day for electricity since October is appealing to Falkirk Council and Scottish Power for greater support.

Mary Quinn, 52, of South Alloa, demanded action on Saturday outside the council's headquarters over astronomical heating bills.

Mary works seven days a week in a bookmaker and a local bar to pay her power bill, she told the Local Democracy Reporting Service.

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Mary pays £1,500 a month for power, heating and hot water, shocking even fellow protesters from Falkirk's Forgotten Villages.

“I am just so stressed, I go to bed at night and don't want to wake up,” said Mary, a mother-of-two.
“I just can't,” she added.

She is one of 700 Falkirk Council tenants who have Thermaflow electric heating systems because they don't have gas.

These were erected 10 years ago, but recent energy price increases have left residents with bills that even full-time workers struggle to pay.

With the recent price hike in October, many tenants are now forced to pick between eating and heating.

Despite weekly costs of £150, many say their houses are still cold.
Even worse, the area is due for new windows and doors, but Covid has postponed their installation.

On Saturday, the Forgotten Villages campaign marched to Falkirk Council's headquarters to seek more aid, especially over the winter.

While Falkirk Council has consented to put gas in many of the affected areas, only two households in Mary's tiny community have it.

Her heater is deemed unsuitable for her three-bedroom home. The council promised her a new electric heater.

Her house has been measured, but she says she is currently in debt due to the high cost of power.
“Scottish Power ordered me to do my laundry after 11pm and inquired whether I had a tumble dryer or a hot tub,” she added.

Don't be foolish; I don't even have a TV.

Trying again to find aid, she was directed to a debt counsellor.

The only debt she has is from paying for electricity with her salary.

Lynne Reid from Whitecross was also there.
She's enraged at the unfulfilled promises and the cold's effect on her health.

“If we run the Thermaflow system properly, it costs an absolute fortune - over £150 every week,” she remarked.

“At this time of year, we must choose between health and comfort.

In winter, I use a hot water bottle and blankets.

“And my partner works full-time.”
There has been no indication on when we will have gas heating, which we need now, not in a year or two.

Claire Mackie, the campaign's organiser, thinks Falkirk Council must do more.

People can no longer feed their families because of poor decisions by Falkirk Council, she added.

“We can't wait any longer; we need action, money, and accountability.”
“We're extremely sorry to hear about Ms Quinn's stress,” stated a ScottishPower representative. The sooner Falkirk Council's heating systems are upgraded, the better for homeowners like Ms Quinn.

Due to increased energy costs across the UK, Ms Quinn's bills have risen somewhat compared to last year.

One of Falkirk Council's Housing Officers will contact Mrs Quinn to discuss her position and any potential benefits and support for her energy expenses.