According to Dominic Cummings, there is photographic evidence of the No. 10 Christmas parties

According to Dominic Cummings, there is photographic evidence of the No. 10 Christmas parties

Dominic Cummings, a former top adviser to Boris Johnson, has claimed that Downing Street hosted Christmas parties in the run-up to last year.

As a result of Jack Doyle handing out awards to staff on December 18, the pressure on the prime minister over the parties has increased.

Photo evidence of the parties and invitations extended to persons who do not work at No.10 will soon be revealed by Mr Cummings, who accused Mr Johnson of "lying" about the events.

Inevitably, there will be a flood of photos of the festivities. He also tweeted on Friday, "And invite lists beyond No. 10, to other departments."

The former political strategist further predicted that the Prime Minister would be out of office "before the next election… probably summer" if he knew of the December 18 gathering at the heart of the issue.
By saying that Mr Doyle is "gone," Mr Cummings also implied that the party's press head was to be blamed, in an interview with his blog's subscribers (sic).

In his defence, he said that Mr Johnson "will be thinking "not now, gotta keep him as the sacrifice for Case's probe then - I'm astonished, shocked I tell you to discover there was a party and I was mislead.""

He further said that the Prime Minister, who is accused of lying to his own ethics adviser about funds spent on Downing Street flat redecorations, would "make a deal with Jack to keep all the wallpaper horror hidden".

Mr. Cummings also suggested that Mr. Johnson may have been aware of the meeting of staff on December 18. As far as I know, he was aware of the event, but I don't think he attended. However, remember that he has to walk past that location in order to access to the upper floors of Chequers.
"Trolley" Johnson has been "lying" about the purported parties in recent days, according to Mr Cummings, who calls him that.
There were "invitations sent out over Whitehall," he said, and it was an organised event. When the video was filmed, the trolley attempted to deceive its way out of the situation, but was unable to do so.

Allegra Stratton's former No. 10 strategist has also refuted reports that he was the source of a leaked video that showed her talking about a holiday party. "No," he said when asked if he had obtained the video and sent it to ITV News.

According to Cummings, when asked how and when the Tories might replace Mr. Jeremy Johnson, "The polls will lead it, plus his inevitable continuous flat spin, plus officials booting him off the rink, plus opponents deliberately intervening."

This "red wall" generation of Tory MPs will be "toast" if they don't change Mr Johnson's leadership by the end of the year, he warned.

Mr. Cummings, on the other hand, refused to speculate on who the future prime minister would be. In other words, "Liz Truss and Sajid Javid are not solutions," as the saying goes. The former Vote Leave backer Michael Gove was not the answer to the question posed to him: "No."

As Gavin Barwell, a Tory Lord, has stated, "absolutely," the MPs of the party are holding conversations about how to replace Boris Johnson's position. If he loses the perception that he's an electoral asset over a period of time, he's in big trouble. Lord Geidt, Mr Johnson's ethics adviser, has reopened the probe into the finance of the expensive flat refurbishment on Friday.

Even before Thursday's findings from the Electoral Commission, Lord Geidt had phoned No.10 to express his displeasure with the prime minister's "misinformation."