According to reports, two Amazon employees died within a matter of hours of one another because they were denied sick leave

According to reports, two Amazon employees died within a matter of hours of one another because they were denied sick leave

Despite the murders, workers at the Bessemer, Alabama warehouse were urged to go on as usual, two coworkers told workers' rights group More Perfect Union.

The two Amazon employees died on November 28 and 29. One died on the job and one died in an ambulance.

Amazon is accused of covering up the deaths of six workers at the site this year.
Amazon day-shift worker Isaiah Thomas alleged on Twitter that a man who died of a stroke while working the night shift had died on the job.
I'm not feeling well, can I please go home?” he added, adding that many Amazon warehouse employees fear getting fired if they take more time off than their allocated days.

No unpaid time off for him to go home… So they're asking him to either go home and forfeit his job, or stay here and work through the pain. And he did,' Thomas said.

Amazon has previously been criticised for its worker treatment. More Perfect Union mentioned in its video that the firm did not answer.

Workers at this Bessemer warehouse tried to unionise in April, but were defeated by 1798 votes to 738.

Because Amazon allegedly intimidated workers during the union ballot, the NLC ordered a new poll on November 29, the same day one of the Bessemer warehouse workers died.
According to Amazon worker Perry Connelly, the stroke victim died inside a trailer. His body wasn't found for nearly 20 minutes after someone noticed he hadn't been seen.

Both Amazon employees said their superiors told them to keep working despite the deaths.

Connelly claimed the officers actually come around and instruct folks not to talk about it.

A few of the personnel who worked directly with the deceased were visibly frightened and wanted to go home but couldn't.

‘There is no shutdown, no silence, no time to sit and pray,' added Connelly.

‘A body. ‘Once that body is used up, they'll just bring in another.'

Six Amazon employees died earlier this month when an Illinois warehouse collapsed during a tornado.

Amazon has also been criticised for having a greater rate of serious injuries than other warehouses, according to a report.

This is why Amazon employees in Bessemer organised and tried to join a union. Faiz Shakir, CEO of More Perfect Union, told Mashable.

To become Amazon's first US union, Bessemer employees will vote again in 2022.

Amazon has been contacted for comment.