After a third night in the UK’s tallest bar, guests are still stranded by Storm Arwen.

After a third night in the UK’s tallest bar, guests are still stranded by Storm Arwen.

This was the third night in a row that patrons had been unable to leave a bar that had been blocked off by snow.

In the Yorkshire Dales on Friday, severe snowfall from Storm Arwen stranded 61 people in the Tan Hill Inn, but some said they "don't want to go" after experiencing the 17th-century inn's hospitality.

Guests who have stayed for a long time are now beginning to go.
Although they've been sleeping on the floor in homemade beds and mattresses, many of the refugees have been treated to a projector screen, an informal quiz night, and an open-air buffet lunch.

Noasis, a tribute band to Oasis, has been entertaining the stranded musicians since their Friday night performance at the pub, which is the highest in the UK at 1,732 feet (528 metres).
She's Nicola Townsend, 51, general manager of the tavern "All in all, it's been a wonderful experience and everyone is in excellent spirits.

"They've developed a close relationship that's more like a family than anything else I can think of.

Another woman said, "I just don't want to leave.""

Guests showed their appreciation for the seven employees trapped inside by gifting them with a jar loaded with about £300 in cash on Saturday evening.

The pub hosted a typical Sunday meal for patrons and staff before they worked together to deck the halls for the holidays and prepare for a karaoke night.

Leyburn-based Townsend believes that many of those trapped, including herself, will continue to communicate with each other long after their release.

After a blizzard on Friday, Ms Townsend said they realised they were stranded.

When she spoke of the blizzards, she referred to how the snow drifted up to almost the windows of her bedroom.

Due to fallen power lines, adjacent roads are currently impassable, however a tunnel has been excavated out of the pub's front entrance.

For an ongoing medical problem, a visitor has been rescued by mountain rescuers and is being treated.

The "coldest night of the season" is expected to hit areas of the UK on Sunday night, with temperatures dipping as low as minus 10C. This is according to forecasts.