After Brexit vote Fortnum & Mason struggling to recruit staff

The boss of Fortnum & Mason claims the celebrated London store is trying hard to recruit staff after the Brexit vote with the problem most severe in its own restaurants.

Fortnum’s chief executive order, Ewan Venters, said one in five of the chef articles over its six restaurants had been unfilled as the fall in the value of sterling and applicants were discouraged by concerns regarding attitudes.

“Brexit can be an alarming issue for me personally in terms of their ability to engage and retain great people,” said Venters. The president felt a shift in mood among workers from the EU although the collapse at the value of the pound means salary sent home to family members are worth. “They are asking: ‘Do I feel blessed? ” That’s more the problem now.”

Venters’ comments echo concerns of additional small business leaders that are worried of a lack of workers. EU taxpayers constitute a quarter of the 3 million people at britain hospitalitysector, ” according to a report by KPMG.

Fortnum & Mason, based in 1707 and most widely known for its flagship store in Piccadilly, central London, employs 800 people. About a few of the staff are all chefs working in its own up market dining areas which include the restaurant 4-5 Jermyn St, which occupies the corner of this Piccadilly store.

Venters was speaking while the merchant reported annual sales and profits. Sales rose 14% to #113m while pre-tax profits increased 23 percent to #7.6m while the store gets a destination for epicures seeking outside British cuisine including organic smoked salmon along with salt-aged steaks from Northern Ireland’s Glenarm Estate.

Fortnum & Mason can be profiting from Britons drinking more up-market brews, using tea earnings up 18% buoyed by odd flavours like lemon curd, gin & tonic and damn Mary. Sales of its famous monogrammed wicker hampers were also up 15%.

“In times of uncertainty, customers turn to brands they hope and we have noticed an increase in the sales of traditional products recently.”

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