After Christmas, officials are preparing for a two-week circuit breaker lockdown

After Christmas, officials are preparing for a two-week circuit breaker lockdown

According to The Times, draught laws would restrict pubs and eateries to exclusively serving customers outside.

According to the Financial Times, Boris Johnson was given alternatives under Plan C, ranging from ‘mild instruction to push people' to ‘lockdown'.

According to the newspaper, Mr Johnson still intended to go down the guided path, but he had to be realistic about the threat of Omicron.
According to leaked Sage minutes reviewed by the BBC, scientists urged politicians stricter measures must be implemented ‘very quickly'.
Restrictions seen in step one and two of the relaxing of lockdown measures, including a ban on interior mixing and indoor hospitality, were advised to be moved to spring.

They also advised deferring further measures till the New Year.

On Friday, the UK recorded over 90,000 new Covid cases, breaking the previous daily record.

‘The Government will continue to closely monitor all new evidence and will consider our measures as we learn more about this variety,' a statement said.
Rishi Sunak returned early from a work trip to California to meet with industry executives concerned about the impact of measures, particularly on the hospitality sector.

On Friday afternoon, the Chancellor virtually convened with the British Chambers of Commerce and the Confederation of British Industry.

The groups expressed worry about the impact of cancellations on the hospitality industry and the need for clear government communications.

Devolved governments in the UK have increased their demands for financial assistance as Omicron cases continue to spread.

Over the weekend, Cobra will meet with devolved nation leaders.

The Omicron threat is now very real, says Mr Johnson.
It is important that people are prepared and understand the implications of the immunizations, he said on Friday in Hillingdon, west London.
‘What both Chris Whitty and I are saying is that there is a massive wave of Omicron coming through.'

‘We must be cautious. You must consider your risk budget.'

As of 9am on Friday, the UK has 93,045 lab-confirmed Covid-19 cases, the highest daily number since the pandemic began and a 4,669 increase on Thursday.
The number of Covid-19 cases in London hospitals has risen to 1,534, up 28.6% from previous week.

On December 17, the capital had 341 more Covid patients than on December 10.

The virus has hospitalised 7,611 people in the UK, up 23% from last week.