After Prince Andrew cancelled their ski trip, his daughters were “extremely disappointed.”

After Prince Andrew cancelled their ski trip, his daughters were “extremely disappointed.”

While Beatrice and Eugenie vacationed in Switzerland, the Duke of York remained at home, instructed not to travel while a civil lawsuit against him is underway.

Andrew's family believed he could travel with August, 10 months, and Sienna, 3 months.

Sarah Ferguson, Andrew's ex-wife, was also on a two-week trip in their £17million Verbier chalet, which may be sold to pay for his legal fees.
Andrew's staff recommended him not to go because it coincided with the latest court hearings in Virginia Giuffre's sexual abuse case.

Ms Giuffre, 38, accuses the Queen's son of sexually abusing her as a teenager. She is seeking unspecified damages, which could be in the millions.

During Andrew's absence, his former girlfriend Ghislaine Maxwell was convicted of sex trafficking.

They were both disappointed because they wanted their kids to spend their first ski holiday with their granddad and the whole family, a source told the Sunday Mirror.

Sadly, it was not to be, but they did Skype talks with their father almost every day while in Verbier to support him and see his grandchildren.'

If Judge Lewis Kaplan finds Andrew guilty of the charges, he will face a full civil court proceeding, which he has denied.

Ms Giuffre signed a 500,000 dollar (£370,000) settlement deal in 2009, according to his legal team.

Disgraced billionaire Jeffrey Epstein and ‘any other person or entity who could have been listed as a possible defendant' were included in the paper, which was made public on Monday.
Andrew is not a ‘third party', according to Ms Giuffre's barrister, David Boies.

Judge Kaplan has guaranteed both parties that a dismissal judgement will be issued ‘very shortly'.

‘His family do not believe Andrew deserves what is happening to him,' the insider said.
‘Beatrice and Eugenie absolutely support their father and are a close family unit with Sarah,' they added.

‘It's more about them supporting him than grilling him on the matter. The family is more concerned with surviving, maintaining the family name, and escaping unscathed.

They believe their father's name is being dragged through the mud while he is actually a nice egg.