After the Downing Street party controversy, Gym owner refused to pay a £30,000 lockdown punishment

After the Downing Street party controversy, Gym owner refused to pay a £30,000 lockdown punishment

There were three £10,000 fixed penalty letters issued to Preston gym owner Steven Todd for violating coronavirus regulations.

A district judge ordered the owner of Reps gym to close the facility for three months in February after he was found to be open during lockdown.

Following a series of police raids, Preston City Council applied for a closure order.

While Mr. Todd was open for business, Preston Magistrates heard that 'at least 15 times' had occurred in which gyms were not authorised to open.

Despite his defeat in court, Mr Todd has refused to pay any of the £30,000 in fines levied against him after learning of the claimed rule violation within the government.

'How can they have a party when they want all of us bunch to go about with masks in the shops?' Mr Todd asked Lancashire Live.

Basically, it's like two tiers of service. Regulations for us and rules for them are set in motion.

When I was younger, I thought there were laws that applied to everyone, but it appears that isn't the case.'

At a time when such gatherings were prohibited, there have been rumours that Downing Street hosted many parties in December of last year.

Allegra Stratton, the prime minister's former adviser, was caught on camera joking about the alleged party in a leaked video of a mock press conference.

Allegations against Boris Johnson have continued, and an independent investigation has been initiated.

As a result of the controversy, many have accused the administration of acting as if the rules don't apply.
There is a lot of discussion right now in government circles about new limitations to try and stop a vaccine-resistant strain of the Omicron virus from spreading.

There could be up to 75,000 deaths in the following months if stricter restrictions aren't adopted, according to scientists today.

'Plan B' limits imposed recently by Mr Todd were 'unnecessary,' he added.

And he added he wasn't sure if he would close the gym again if he was forced to do so by the court.

According to him, "If you're writing legislation, you should be following it and setting an example, not flouting it."

[We] aren't able to do that. Last Christmas, no one was permitted into anyone's house. That's not right..

There are no parties in Downing Street after saying that, can there?'

'It's completely unjustified.'