Alfie Evans’ mum ‘ejected from hospital ward following row’ as supporters march again

‘ALFIE NEEDS HIS MUMMY’ Alfie Evans’ mum ‘ejected from hospital ward following row’ as supporters march again

A social media account for Alfie’s Army claimed that Kate James, 20, was ejected from the ward on Alder Hey Children’s Hospital late last night

THE heartbroken mum of brain-damaged tot Alfie Evans has allegedly been kicked off her son’s ward after a row with nurses.

A social media account for Alfie’s Army claimed that Kate James, 20, was ejected from the ward on Alder Hey Children’s Hospital late last night.

Ms James’ apparent removal was made public on Facebook and Twitter, but she has yet to comment.

It comes as crowds ignored hospital pleas to demonstrate in a fresh round of protests after hundreds congregated last night.

Yesterday, Ms James wrote on Facebook: “How sad is it that someone can tell you where and when your child is going to die? No proper care plan and no respect for us as a family! No privacy or nothing!

“Thank you everyone for all your support throughout this and for your kind messages.”

Ms James and Alfie’s dad Tom Evans are awaiting a fresh legal challenge to appeal a judge’s ruling which allows Alfie’s life support to be switched off.

A hearing has been listed in the Court of Appeal on Monday.

Today Alder Hey’s Children Hospital urged protesters to stay away this weekend in the wake of “significant disruption” caused by last night’s demonstration.

The hospital issued a fresh plea for people to respect staff, patients and families as it emerged a “minority” of supporters “impacted very negatively” on those inside.

In a statement, the hospital said: “Last night Mr Justice Hayden ordered that Alfie cannot be removed from Alder Hey Children’s Hospital pending the hearing before the Court of Appeal on Monday.

“We trust that the public and supporters of Alfie’s parents will respect that decision and allow the staff caring for Alfie and all other children and families at Alder Hey to continue their duties without interference and disturbance.

“Unfortunately, the action taken last night and the behaviour of a small minority of supporters impacted very negatively on other patients, families and staff at Alder Hey.

“We would therefore be grateful if all respect and consideration is shown to all our staff, patients and families at the hospital.

“Our priority continues to provide Alfie and all our other children with the best care possible.”

Last night parents told how entrances to the hospital were blocked and children inside the hospital were left anxious and unable to sleep because of crowds.

Yet supporters ignored the warnings and lined both sides of the street outside the hospital.

The fresh round comes after hundreds gathered outside the hospital last night when Mr Evans issued an emotional appeal for a peaceful protest from his son’s bedside.

Mr Evans, 21, spoke out after his attempt to remove Alfie was blocked , leading him to claim his son was being falsely imprisoned at the hospital.

On Wednesday, a judge ruled Alfie’s life support will be switched off, details of which cannot be published on grounds of privacy.

The lawyer representing parents Tom Evans and Kate James claimed the couple have “primary responsibility for their son and full parental rights” which he said should not be undermined by the state.

Paul Diamond, standing counsel to the Christian Legal Centre (CLC), argued the NHS has broken Alfie’s ancient rights under habeus corpus – a 13th century legal safeguard that prevents unlawful detention.

A statement released by the CLC today read: “Yesterday evening, an air ambulance crew, whose services were engaged by the parents, was blocked by Alder Hey Hospital from taking Alfie for treatment overseas.

“A large crowd gathered outside the hospital, calling on Alder Hey Hospital to release Alfie into the care of the air ambulance crew.

“Late in the evening, Mr Justice Hayden granted an injunction to stop Alfie from being removed from the hospital.”

Today, it was revealed the parents are preparing to mount a fresh legal challenge to keep their son alive with an appeal listed in the Court of Appeal on Monday.

Mr Evans, 21, told protest crowds last night he had a plan ready at John Lennon Airport to fly Alfie out of Britain for treatment.

However, he said he was blocked when he tried to move his son and claimed police were called to guard Alfie’s room.

The move prompted Mr Evans to release an emotionally-charged video from Alfie’s bedside before hundreds later gathered near the hospital.

Back in February, Mr Justice Hayden ruled that doctors at Alder Hey Children’s Hospital in Liverpool could stop treating Alfie against the wishes of his parents following hearings in the Family Division of the High Court in London and Liverpool.

Judges have heard that Alfie, born on May 9 2016, is in a “semi-vegetative state” and has a degenerative neurological condition doctors had not definitively diagnosed.

Specialists at Alder Hey said life-support treatment should stop and Mr Justice Hayden said he accepted medical evidence which showed that further treatment was futile.

Court of Appeal judges upheld his ruling.

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