Alpha Men Assemble, an anti-vaccine group, has threatened to launch “war” on governments

Alpha Men Assemble, an anti-vaccine group, has threatened to launch “war” on governments

Activists want to ‘hit vaccine clinics, schools, headteachers, colleges, councillors and directors of public health in every area', according to the Daily Mail.

On Saturday, almost 100 individuals attended a training session at Chase Water Country Park in Staffordshire.

The instructors trained the primarily middle-aged white men how to break through police lines and march in formation.
Mr Glass instructed his followers to battle ‘the Old Bill', a slang term for the police.

Gary, another instructor, told the men he had been in military and counter-terrorism for 15 years.

‘This war is exhausting, mentally and physically,' he remarked. It's a war.

‘It's not the kind of battle I expected when I joined the military. Its governments are waging a war on its people. Global war.'
The men and women were divided into groups to practise boxing and other fighting techniques. Mr Glass had to separate the men up multiple times.

Mr Glass later told the Mail the training was for ‘team-building and bonding' and was ‘non-combative'.

Throughout the session, a police car stood guard at the park's entrance, with two officers occasionally entering the throng to alleged abuse.

According to reports, the campaigners insisted their meeting was legal and peaceful. “Once we get the figures, we're going to take this to the police,” Mr Glass informed his recruits after the cops left.
He also promised to ‘deal with' any press or police spies.

‘We need to visit the vaccine centres,' said Sam Goody, an event planner from Birmingham.

‘We need to target schools, principals, colleges, councils, cops, and public health directors… Neither we nor our families will take the f*g jab.'

She then clarified that her remarks were misinterpreted and that she meant to promote coronavirus vaccinations.
But messages in Alpha Men Assemble's Telegram group chat imply otherwise.

‘It's action time,' remarked one. Less f*g. We will defend ourselves if you pepper spray us, bash us with your battens, or threaten us in any manner. Remember, we outnumber you.'

A local named Paul organised the organisation, claiming to have a list of ‘600 coppers who are criminal paedophiles, operate brothels, and attend masonic lodges'.

Alpha Men Assemble was formed only last month, but a recent training session in Littlehampton, West Sussex, sparked curiosity.

When contacted for response, Mr Glass said his group was not tied to extremism and would always be legal.

Abolitionist, he claimed, was fighting for ‘bodily autonomy'.