Andrew Griffiths, a former Conservative MP, was found guilty of raping his wife by a court

Andrew Griffiths, a former Conservative MP, was found guilty of raping his wife by a court

A high court judge has concluded that former Conservative minister Andrew Griffiths raped his wife while she was asleep and abused her.

During their marriage, Griffiths allegedly abused his wife Kate, who is now a serving Conservative MP, according to the judgement, which was published on Friday.

The judge also found that he had physically assaulted her and verbally abused her while doing so. Andrew Griffiths "adamantly denied" rape, despite his ex-claims wife's to the contrary.

In July of last year, he resigned from his position as business minister after being accused of sending over 2,000 constituents sexually explicit messages. In November 2019, he announced his resignation from the House of Commons, saying he would support his wife's candidacy for the position. After the storey broke, Kate Griffiths, who had left him, was elected as the Conservative MP for Burton in East Staffordshire.
Allegations against her ex-husband Andrew Griffiths were made in a case that began in 2019 when he applied for time with a child involved in the case.
Following this, Kate Griffiths supported the publication of the judgement, which included the names of her and her ex-husband, made by two journalists – Louise Tickle of Tortoise Media and Brian Farmer of PA Media. In November of last year, Andrew Griffiths attempted to prevent the publication of the judgement, but his arguments were rejected by the high court and then the court of appeal, where judges cited "the mother's right to tell her storey.".

Because the case was heard in a civil court, the findings of Judge Elizabeth Williscroft were based on a lower standard of proof than would be required by law (beyond a reasonable doubt).

Williscroft found that Andrew Griffiths had used "coercive and controlling behaviour" to ensure that his wife submitted to his sexual demands, which included submissive behaviour, throughout their relationship, in addition to raping her while she slept "on a number of occasions."

The investigation revealed that he had also hit her, pushed her into a wall, wrapped his arms around her neck, spat at her, and dumped a tray of food on her. She was threatened with homelessness and financial ruin by him. In addition, it was discovered that Griffiths had used violence against an unnamed female relative on numerous occasions.

For the Griffiths family, this is a significant victory, one that has taken a toll on both their mental and financial well-being."

Due to the unique circumstances in which I am able to advocate for better outcomes for domestic violence victims and the protection of children involved in these cases, I supported the disclosure of family court rulings and waived my anonymity.

There was no comment from her or her lawyer on whether or not she would file a criminal complaint.

During the fact-finding trial, Kate Griffiths testified from behind a screen. The judge described her as a "fair witness" who recounted the truth about her experience. According to Williscroft, her ex-husband "responded like a politician" when questioned in court. She also claimed that he had tried to minimise his estranged wife by characterising her as over-the-top and theatrical in court and in his evidence.
When sexual text conversations surfaced, Andrew Griffiths claimed they had caused a collapse in his relationship with his wife because of childhood trauma. But Williscroft insisted that they could not "explain or excuse" his behaviour toward his wife or any other individuals.

'Kate Griffiths is not exceptional in being in love with a man and dealing with behaviour that she considered embarrassing and insulting…'" the judge remarked. It doesn't appear to me that Andrew Griffiths ever considered the possibility that she wouldn't do what he wanted."

She claimed that despite his lawyer's assurances to the contrary, he appeared to be unaware that his actions were abusive.

"No words can explain my admiration for this very courageous woman," Rosie Duffield said of Kate Griffiths, a domestic abuse survivor.

"Kate Griffiths is a hero," stated Jess Phillips.

Andre Griffiths stated he was "extremely saddened" and "strongly denies the claims levelled to me" by the decision to publish the ruling.