As a result, two-thirds of British citizens now believe Boris should step down

As a result, two-thirds of British citizens now believe Boris should step down

During the initial Covid lockdown, around 100 Downing Street personnel were reportedly invited to a party function in the Number 10 garden.

On May 20, 2020, the PM was claimed to have been joined by his wife Carrie Johnson and roughly 40 guests.

A new Savanta ComRes poll shows that support for Cameron's resignation has risen 12 points since December. A nine-point rise among Tory voters.
According to the poll of 1,040 adults in the UK, 66 percent think the lawmaker should go. This was 42% of Conservative voters.

Sixty-two percent of those polled thought the new claims were worse than the original Christmas party revelations.

65 percent say that Martin Reynolds, the PM's principal private secretary who reportedly sent the email, should step down.
A YouGov/Sky News poll indicated 56% thought the PM should step down, 27% thought he should continue, and 17% were undecided.

On November 22, YouGov asked the same question about Mr Johnson's leadership of the Conservative Party: 48% said he should step down, 31% said he should stay, and 22% said they were unsure.

It is enraged Britain's burying loved ones on the same day the Number 10 workers are believed to have had fun.

On hearing about his mother-in-death law's during the epidemic, DUP MP Jim Shannon sobbed.

Labour has told Mr Johnson that he can run but not hide.

Paymaster General Michael Ellis answered that the PM is ‘not going anywhere' and has the people's confidence.

But today, when he answered an Urgent Question in the Commons, he was alone, with the Tory benches nearly empty.

The Met acknowledged it is in communication with the Cabinet Office, but has refused to probe previous purported government social gatherings.
Mr. Hopkins claims ‘that rope for Boris Johnson just got shorter'.

According to reports, Boris Johnson and his wife went to a drinks reception on May 20th, while the rest of the country was only allowed to meet one other person socially outside.

‘A 12-point increase in those believing he should quit since Christmas Partygate is substantial, but Johnson will be tested in his own party's court.'

In early December, the Tories had a poll advantage that could have acted as a buffer to stop Johnson's decline, but now they don't have that cushion.

‘More Labour leaders pointing to Keir Starmer in No.10 might irritate Tory backbenchers, prompting them to consider replacing Johnson as PM.'