As Boris is asked to explain the BYOB party, he warns, “you can run but you can’t hide.”

As Boris is asked to explain the BYOB party, he warns, “you can run but you can’t hide.”

In place of Boris Johnson, Paymaster General Michael Ellis was heard inquiring, ‘Where is he?'

Labour deputy leader Angela Rayner said the PM's absence ‘speaks volumes' about an alleged rule-breaking party in May 2020.

The Prime Minister to whom I posed this query is absent today, despite having no official responsibilities, which is extremely upsetting but not surprising.

We have already drew our own inferences from his absence and his smirks on the media, He can hide but not run.'

According to a leaked email, 100 staff were invited to a ‘bring your own booze' party in Number 10's garden.

At the time, Brits were only allowed to mingle with one other person outside.
‘Surely, if the Prime Minister was there, he knew? The invitation went to 100 people, many of them close to him.

‘Since this was planned ahead of time, did the Prime Minister approve of it?

The chief medical officer was not consulted before the event.

In a Cabinet Office probe conducted by senior civil servant Sue Gray into accusations of several Downing Street lockdown parties, MPs accused Ellis of evading tough questions.

‘People throughout these islands watched loved ones die, missing funerals, while the PM and his staff celebrated behind the walls of his own garden,' said SNP Westminster leader Ian Blackford.

Shouldn't the PM be here to answer these crucial questions? Where are the Government frontbenches and backbenches?

‘This is the most severe of things, because a Prime Minister is accused of breaking a law he made.'

But he inquired if Gray was ‘invited to that party on May 20, and did she attend?'

‘This Prime Minister has lost his moral authority,' said Blackford. He doesn't deserve our regard or trust.' If he refuses to do the honourable thing and quit, I tell the minister and the Conservative backbenchers that they must do what the Prime Minister has failed to do and remove him from office immediately.'

‘Perhaps Sue Gray should research the days there were no parties,' said former Labour minister Dame Angela Eagle.

'We know, don't we, that an invite to a bring your own wine party was put out on May 20, when 268 people died in hospital?' she asked.

‘We know it was unlawful to meet anyone except one person overnight, so why wait? We need the Prime Minister to admit what happened.'
Cabinet Office Minister Ellis encouraged MPs to await the outcome of the present inquiry.

He said the increased quantity of claims will cause a delay in results.

‘Why can't all the soiled linen be cleansed at once? Why do we keep getting party invites?

‘Surely the civil service knew there was a party on May 20 and should have informed the inquiry?'

Earlier, Conservative MP Peter Bone said he had ‘great trust' in Johnson's leadership.
‘We need the report in the House urgently so we can discuss and decide.'

'It is not routine for the Prime Minister to answer urgent questions before this House, his ministers are appointed to do so, but he also attends this House more often than anyone else to answer questions and will do so tomorrow in the normal way at Prime Minister's Question time,' Ellis said in response to many questions.

‘She said there was no need for an investigation. There is a definite need.'

‘She asks if I have faith in the Prime Minister's integrity and dignity, and I do,' he said to Rayner.

‘He's on the side of the people of this country,' Ellis said afterwards.