Bars and Restaurants in Parliament Costing British Taxpayers Millions

Booze at the Palace! While taxpayers are still examining the possible ramifications of Britain’s separation from the European Union and the Department of Health urging millions to adopt a healthier lifestyle to reduce the cost of healthcare. Parliamentary MPs have been living like Greek gods at the taxpayers’ expense. It has been reported that taxpayers are paying for parliament’s exclusive bars and restaurants to the tune of £6m last year. Eleven bars, restaurants and cafeterias in the House of Commons sell alcohol, with other outlets selling alcohol to peers in the House of Lords.

The ‘drinking culture’ in the Houses of Parliament
Fifteen pounds might not buy you a decent meal in much of London, but inside Parliament, many of the bars, restaurants, and cafes are heavily subsidized. For example, the price of a pint of lager in the Strangers Bar, in the Houses of Parliament, is £3.70, compared to £4.45 across the road at St Stephen’s Tavern. Last year, after advocates gained ‘A freedom of information request,’ taxpayers were shocked to find out where they’re tax dollars were going. One stunning revelation was, the House of Lords’ annual accounts showed that the net cost of its catering and retail outlets rose by around £150,000 to £1.45m. This didn’t include profits from other things like banqueting functions and retail sales. When these were included the bill rose to a staggering £2.44m. A £100,000 increase from 2012/2013. These findings are very troubling because everyone in the country is supposed to be grappling with a post Brexit transition.

After the findings came out, the House of Commons sent out their mouthpieces to talk down the situation. One such spokeswoman said, “Much of the net cost to the House arises because of the irregular hours and unpredictability of parliamentary business. Food and drink prices are regularly reviewed and set at levels benchmarked against similar outlets outside the House. The costs to the House have been reduced since 2003. We are determined to reduce costs further and have a target of £3m for 2015-16.”

My thoughts
Why are there bars and restaurants in Parliament? MPs need to do what the rest of the population do, organize food themselves and buy their own drinks. No wonder most of their policies are rubbish because they’re PISSED all the time. I believe MPs should have their food privileges canceled until this Brexit reform is over. Make them work for a living like the rest of us. Then maybe they would be more in touch with the common bloke.

Can you drink booze at work? Well, some MPs can and if you don’t believe me. Watch this video and then tell me if these MPs aren’t pissed out of their minds.

So what are your throughs?
Should there be bars and restaurants in Parliament? And should taxpayers have to pay for politicians food and drinks? Tell us in the comments…

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