BBC’should hire a Brexiteer as its next political editor,’ according to Tory MP

BBC’should hire a Brexiteer as its next political editor,’ according to Tory MP

A senior Conservative MP says the BBC should replace Laura Kuenssberg as political editor with someone “much more pro-Brexit”.

A Brexit-supporting journalist could be hired if the top political post becomes vacant, according to Julian Knight, leader of the digital, culture, media and sport committee that oversees the BBC.

We learnt on Thursday that Kuenssberg is in talks to leave after six years to show Today on Radio 4. Former BBC US editor Jon Sopel is slated to succeed her.

Knight, a former Independent writer and MP for Solihull, told the Telegraph that losing Kuenssberg would be a “sad loss to the role”.

If she leaves, he says the BBC may “look at journalists who have a lot more pro-Brexit [approach]”.

Mr. Davie could not name any senior BBC employee who backed Brexit in front of our committee. Maybe now is the time to fix it.”

The BBC has yet to confirm Kuessberg's resignation, although the corporation claims the role is not empty.

Among those tipped to succeed her are economics editor Faisal Islam and political correspondents Vicki Young, Adam Fleming, and Chris Mason.

Knight, a Remain supporter, co-ordinated a letter to senior BBC leaders accusing them of betraying their impartiality on Brexit. The BBC was accused of being xenophobic and focusing on regretful Brexit voters, the letter alleged.

Signatories included 60 Tory MPs, two Conservative peers and three Labour MPs.

The BBC did not respond. It's too early to speculate about the result of the North America editor role, let alone other roles that aren't truly open.