Because of Brexit, Tesco items will no longer be available in Finland

Because of Brexit, Tesco items will no longer be available in Finland

Because of Brexit, Tesco products will no longer be available in a Finnish grocery chain; Carrefour, a French store, will step in to fill the void left by the British shop.

According to writer David Mac Dougall, the Finnish chain S-Group stated Tesco will suspend its arrangement with them "globally" due of the UK's exit from the EU.

S-Group grocery chain in Finland may soon be without Tesco products owing to Brexit, according to Mac Dougall.

"The embassy has consistently hailed and championed their decision to supply hundreds of products as a major achievement. The facts are now in the open.

"Tesco established their impact in Finland, a thriving market for free-from items. Because of Brexit, Tesco will no longer be prominently displayed on store shelves.

"And what is the Brexit dividend here?" he said. Carrefour, the French retail giant, has already been tapped by S-Group to fill the void left by Tesco.

This was a true showpiece transaction for UK-Finland trade because of how visible Tesco items have been" (not necessarily due to the money value of the deal).

Since Brexit has prevented one major UK retailer from doing business with S-Group due to its size and turnover, the company is no longer open to large UK retailers.

Pasi Vaaranmaa, Finland's director of commerce, also sent a tweet regarding the development.

M&S closed all of its franchised stores in France with partner SFH last month due to Brexit disruptions to shipments from the UK to Europe.

A statement on their website read, "The lengthy and complex export processes now in place following Britain's exit from the European Union are significantly restricting supply of fresh and chilled product from the UK into Europe and continuing to impact customers' product availability and our company's performance in France."

The shops, most of which are on Parisian boulevards, will close before the end of the year.