‘Biggest current threat to global health’ labelled for Omicron variant

‘Biggest current threat to global health’ labelled for Omicron variant

G7 leaders from the US, Canada, Japan, France and the EU convened an emergency meeting with Health Secretary Sajid Javid.

"Countries are now united in ramping up vaccines at home and overseas," he said.

‘Ministers agreed that the surge in cases should be considered as the biggest present threat to global public health,' G7 ministers said.
More than ever, direct collaboration and data sharing are required. In order to deal with the rapidly evolving circumstances,'
The UK now delivers the G7 chair to Germany, where the next health ministers meeting will be hosted by new Health Minister Karl Lauterbach (CDU

Their announcement last night is the latest in a string of dire warnings about Omicron's global threat.

"The greatest substantial threat" the pandemic has posed since its start, according to UKHSA CEO Dr Jenny Harries.

Dr Eric Feigl-Ding, a leading US scientist, warned that ignoring Omicron might lead to a ‘pandemic 2.0'.

Doctors in South Africa think the Omicron is milder than prior forms.
However, due to South Africa's youthful population and recent Delta wave immunity, UK doctors have been reluctant to endorse that analysis.

Yesterday, Chief Medical Officer Chris Whitty stated that Omicron does not cause a more serious condition than Delta.

With cases doubling every two days, he predicted a peak may come ‘very quickly', and daily hospital admissions might break the January 2nd wave record of 4,583.

Yesterday, the UK registered over 88,000 new Covid cases, the most since the pandemic began and the second day the record was beaten.

To combat the new version, Wales stated last night that nightclubs will close and social separation will be imposed in offices after Christmas.
Nicola Sturgeon, the Scottish First Minister, has cautioned that ‘restrictions on the operation of higher-risk settings may now be inescapable'.

While the booster jab campaign continues, Boris Johnson insists his Plan B measures in England are ‘sensible' and ‘proportionate'.

For Christmas, Prof Chris Whitty recommended people to limit their social connections and focus on the events that matter most to them.

The deteriorating crisis has hit the hospitality business hard, with widespread cancellations and no-shows.

Rishi Sunak will convene crisis meetings with industry leaders today as fears regarding Omicron spread grow.
Christmas celebrations have been curtailed because to the fast rise in cases.

Experts say it is still too early to predict how Omicron will affect hospital admissions.

The Conservative Party Chairman Oliver Dowden declared today that the Government had struck the ‘right balance'.

‘We're having to make difficult decisions because Omicron is doubling virtually every two days,' he told Sky News.

‘I think anyone who says this is easy or simple is lying.

‘However, I believe we have found the proper balance. The booster is vital.'

By the end of the year, all adults over 18 in England must have their booster shot.

Two vaccination doses are not enough to tackle Omicron, thus the ambitious goal was announced.