Boris Johnson is said to have been slammed by Tory MPs who say that his time as prime minister may be over soon

Boris Johnson is said to have been slammed by Tory MPs who say that his time as prime minister may be over soon

Almost two years after he won the election, there are cracks in Mr. Johnson's leadership. The prime minister has been criticised for "Tory sleaze," the breaking of election law, and claims that parties were held at Downing Street.

Over his handling of the pandemic, he's also getting a lot of flak from people. There's also a revolt in the Commons when he tries to push through new rules to fight the Omicron variant.

A lot of people in the Conservative Party have said bad things about the leader of the party. Five MPs from the 2019 class are said to have written letters to the party leader asking him to resign.
One Tory MP told me that the mood in the party right now was like the last days of Theresa May's time as prime minister.

Two years and almost to the day after Boris's biggest victory, he's messed it up.

In the last few months, his chances of getting into the next election have dropped well below 50%. He's treating the British public the same way he has in the past, and it's not a good thing to see.
A former Cabinet member, who is now on the backbenches, said that even though Mr Johnson had been through a lot, each scandal added up.

When a leader gets hurt, more MPs start to think they aren't "up to it," they said.

Another senior Tory is said to have told the I 'The problem is that no one likes him. People don't like him because he's never been an MP who gets along with people.

As a result of claims that Mr. Johnson lied to the PM about the refurbishment of his Downing Street flat, Lord Geidt, the PM's independent advisor, is said to be "on the brink of leaving."
As soon as it was revealed that Jack Doyle was at a Downing Street party while restrictions were in place, he is said to have said, "I'm done."

Allegra Stratton, the PM's former aide, resigned this week because of the scandal.

First, he'll face a vote by MPs on Covid restrictions on Tuesday, which could lead to a huge backlash in the House of Commons. Then, next week, he'll have two more tests.

Whips from the Tories are reportedly trying to get dozens of MPs who aren't sure if they want to support the bill to do so. Dozens have already said they plan to vote against it.
It was December 8 in London, England. There is a Christmas tree outside 10 Downing Street in London on December 8, 2021. There are accusations that British Prime Minister Boris Johnson is lying after senior Downing Street officials were caught on camera laughing about a Christmas party that they had said did not happen. Prime Minister's Questions will be held later today, and Johnson will have to answer questions from MPs. Chris J Ratcliffe took this picture for Getty Images.
It says that six junior ministers are willing to quit if they don't like the new Covid rules.

For example, friends of the Chancellor and Foreign Secretary Liz Truss are said to be getting support for a possible leadership run. Even Matt Hancock, who used to be Health Secretary, is said to be 'talking up his chances'.

A North Shropshire by-election to replace Owen Paterson will be held Thursday. People will be able to see how the events in London have affected their confidence.