Britain and France are being sued for “manslaughter” after 27 migrants drown in the Channel

Britain and France are being sued for “manslaughter” after 27 migrants drown in the Channel

Last month, men, women, and children drowned despite appeals to English and French emergency services, according to Utopia 5.

They sued the French marine prefect and the British Coastguard for manslaughter in Paris.

They hope the lawsuit would force an investigation to discover the perpetrators of the tragedy.
Our border policies ‘take human lives every day,' said spokesman Nikolai Posner.

On November 24, the engine stopped and the fragile vessel capsized, only two migrants escaped.

In response, both Britain and France claimed it was in their seas.

Police officers in France observed additional boats leaving towards England that day.
Four ladies, a 16-year-old and a 7-year-old Iraqi Kurd were identified by investigators.

A Kurd from Iran, three Ethiopians, a Somali woman, four Afghan men, and an Egyptian were also killed. Adults aged 19 to 46.

But one migrant's identity is uncertain.

France's interior minister called it the worst migrant tragedy ever.

Crossings have quadrupled this year as more individuals fled conflict and poverty, hoping for asylum and better chances in Britain.
It has exacerbated post-Brexit tensions between France and the UK.

Officials agreed to dispatch a plane to monitor the Channel's coasts for smuggling.

Families of 16 Iraqi Kurdish fatalities have also filed suit in London.

The Channel and North Sea marine prefect did not respond yesterday.

‘We always have and always will respond to anyone in difficulty, as we did that day,' said HM Coastguard.