Child benefit and tax credits payment dates will be early in May – this is when you’ll be paid

The upcoming two bank holiday weekends in May will cause some disruption to people who receive benefit payments.

The bank holidays on Monday, May 7 and three weeks later on Monday, May 28 mean that quite a few people won’t be getting money when they expect it.

Child benefit and tax credits are normally paid on a Monday or Tuesday.

In fact, given Child Benefit is paid weekly if you’re a single parent or also receiving a benefit like Income Support, a lot of people are guaranteed to be affected.

People receiving Working Tax Credits, Child Benefit and other tax credit could all be affected too – although other types of benefit payments should go ahead as normal.

But that doesn’t mean you won’t be paid – in fact your money should be arriving early.

These are the dates you need to know:

When will benefits be paid in May?

*Payments due on Monday, May 7 – paid on Friday, May 4.

*Payments due on Monday, May 28 – paid on Friday, May 25.

If your payment is late, HMRC advises people to check the payment date on their award notice and contact their bank before calling the Tax Credit Helpline on 0345 300 3900.

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