‘Churchill is a murderer!” “The statue of former Prime Minister Thatcher must be pulled down,” says one activist

‘Churchill is a murderer!” “The statue of former Prime Minister Thatcher must be pulled down,” says one activist

Last year, four Bristolians were acquitted of criminal damage charges after knocking down Edward Colston's statue during a Black Lives Matter rally. Winston Churchill's statue in Parliament Square would soon be "torn down" by Britons "awakening" from their slumbers, according to Kofi Mawuli Klu. "Churchill is a criminal in the eyes of the colonised worldwide," he told LBC.

"Some consciences in our country condemn Churchill.

"When the people of this country awaken, they will demolish that statue."

"I definitely want to come back on this," said Roger Helmer, co-panelist on LBC. We can't let Kofi off."

Mr Frei then approached Mr Mawuli Klu about removing Winston Churchill's statue.

"Winston's Churchill statue should be removed," he said.

Mr Helmer then had the chance to express his views, condemning Mr Mawuli Klu's remarks.

With his views on colonisation, the former British MEP claimed Winston Churchill was the "greatest prime minister of the 20th century."

"We live in a society where we can change things through the voting box and we should not be altering things by violence in the streets," Mr Helmer said.

In June 2020, a jury found four people not guilty of criminal damage for toppling the Bristol Colston statue.

"Trial by jury is a crucial protector of liberty & must not be weakened," she tweeted. But the Colston statue decision is confusing.

I can send matters to the Court of Appeal without impacting the outcome of this case, allowing senior judges to clarify the law for future instances. "I'm debating it."

"Frankly, I do," he told Today on BBC Radio 4. I think anyone who sees such scenes can't help but be horrified and appalled by what transpired.

"I don't think we want our crown courts to become political playgrounds - they're places where the law is administered and the evidence is examined."

"We may obtain jury findings that contradict the law or the evidence, but that is the price we pay for the magnificent system of jury trials in which I and many others sincerely believe."