Concerned about Omicron, a South African GP encouraged the UK to ‘remain calm’

Concerned about Omicron, a South African GP encouraged the UK to ‘remain calm’

The new strain, while more transmissible, exhibits ‘very minor symptoms', according to SA Medical Association President Dr Angelique Coetzee.

The prime minister has dismissed her assurances, proclaiming the UK position a ‘emergency' and a ‘tidal wave is approaching'.

According to estimates, the UK may have to close pubs and eateries in the new year to keep cases at bay.
But defiant Dr Coetzee said talk of Plan Cs or lockdowns is ‘completely over the top'.

She suggested that Omicron may be a ‘friend not a threat' by boosting natural immunity without making people sick.

The scientist told the Daily Mail she is the expert on Omicron because she was the first to notice it in her patients.
‘As a general practitioner for over 33 years, I am one of the first to see patients.

I can assure you that the symptoms of Omicron are minimal compared to those of the significantly more hazardous Delta version.'

The most common Omicron symptoms are muscle soreness, pains, weariness and headaches.

She stated their symptoms ‘don't seem to get worse' and ‘clear up in about five days'.

Some have suggested that South Africa's young population may explain the lesser effects.

But, according to Dr. Coetzee, only 26% of the country is double-vaccinated, and even unvaccinated people aren't getting sick.
That even exposed bodies fend off this variety more easier than Delta is comforting, she wrote. The majority of patients admitted to ICUs are unvaccinated.'

Although she had no remorse for raising the alarm about Omicron, she was surprised by the global response.

Despite Dr Cozette's caution that not enough was known about the variation to make such decisions, the UK was one of several countries that rapidly imposed travel restrictions on southern Africa.

Given what has emerged about Omicron in the last four weeks, I am even more surprised by the UK Government's latest remarks.

I initially felt my first Omicron patient, a young male, had been in the sun too long after working out.

‘In my area of South Africa, most Omicron patients have been treated at home with anti-inflammatories like ibuprofen and mild dosages of cortisone.'
Because not every death is genetically sequenced, it is unknown how many people died of Omicron in South Africa.

It was a far cry from the 578 weekly average reported during Delta's heyday.

According to Dr. Coetzee, if Omicron were a lethal variety, we would anticipate the numbers to skyrocket.

‘It's all the more odd to witness what's going on in Britain. And if your government decides to implement a harsh lockdown in the New Year, it may wind up doing more harm than good.'

"Omicron may potentially be of immense value to us," the GP said, "something you cannot say about the Delta variation."

In contrast, a severe lockdown would allow people to build the critical antibodies that will propel your community towards “herd immunity”.
‘The next variety may be slower spreading but more severe, so we will need all the help we can get from natural immunity,' she said.

‘So, Boris and his ministers, stay cool. Do not panic, as this will only lead to anarchy.'

MPs will vote today on the Government's Plan B. Face masks are required indoors, and vaccine passports are required for major events.

The prime minister is bracing himself for the biggest revolt of his premiership, with over 70 Tories opposing the Covid pass ideas.

According to reports, other limitations are being proposed, such as limiting or closing pubs and restaurants on New Year's Eve.

Chief medical officer Chris Whitty warned today that hospital admissions will rise significantly.
Despite early indications from South Africa that the strain may be modest, he told a virtual Cabinet meeting on Tuesday that it is ‘too early to judge how serious'.

Unknown if they were vaccinated or had pre-existing health conditions, one individual died of Omicron in the UK yesterday.

Ten people have been hospitalised with the new type, after Deputy Prime Minister Dominic Raab reported 250 this morning.

The UK presently has 4,713 verified cases. But Health Secretary Sajid Javid fears the true figure is 200,000.

The absence of lateral flow tests and PCRs on the Government website makes detection difficult.

To ease the load, the Government has extended the booster roll-out to all adults over 18.

A third dose could stop 70-75 percent of dangerous Omicron infections, according to research.
Doctors say boosters won't be enough to stop the spread.

Even if the Government manages to get an offer of a top-up jab to all eligible people by the end of the month, millions will remain unprotected, according to Dr Chaand Nagpaul, chair of the British Medical Association's council.

The booster programme will not include 11.5 million adults who are unvaccinated, have only had one vaccine, or have had two vaccines in less than three months.

By December 31, there will still be millions of unvaccinated or unprotected people in the population, thus new limits or strategies to reduce the virus transmission will be required.

‘You need a vaccine-plus plan, but all we hear about is boosters.'