Corbyn vs May Battle PMQ Goes Viral

Every Wednesday, Jeremy Corbyn and Theresa May go head to head in an epic battle of political wits. The Labour Leader gets his chance to quiz the Prime Minister on issues relating to the British economy. But some have speculated that the whole PMQ(Prime Minister Questions) is a publicity stunt in order to gain social media video views. As an example critics point to the fact that most of the topics discussed at the meetings, normally have nothing to do with the state of affairs in the country. More troubling is the fact that PM May rarely seems to have answers to the questions posed by the opposition.

Prime Minister unable to answer hard questions
The Prime Minister’s Question or PMQ is a constitutional convention in the United Kingdom, currently held as a single session every Wednesday at noon when the House of Commons is sitting, during which the Prime Minister spends around half an hour answering questions about pressing issues facing Britain.

This Wednesday saw the PM unable to answer critical questions on the housing crisis, private tenant insecurity, and homelessness. Labour Leader Corbyn, however, seemed to be better prepared. This time around he stuck to his questions and stayed away from straying off point. He totally mopped the floor with the PM when he started to ask questions relating to housing. Indeed the PM had no suitable answers for the queries, she lashed back by belting out figures from the last time the Labour party was in power over a decade ago. This move proved to hurt her more than help because the Conservatives have been in power since the beginning of the decade.

Tory Rebel Leader not backing down
With the rising tensions between the Prime Minister and Tory’s rebel leader Dominic Grieve, May also assured Parliment that they will have a “meaningful vote” on the terms of Brexit. Furthermore, Brexit Secretary David Davis believes that with his new campaign he can convince potential rebels before the EU Bill is launched. Meanwhile the former attorney general, Dominic Grieve believes they have all that is needed to defeat the Government. In the wake of all this, May said Westminister will get a vote before the 2019 Brexit commencement.

An unlikely couple has also formed between the Tory rebels and Labour. The reason for the union is to seek an explicit legal guarantee in the EU Withdrawal Bill. But PM May is not phased by this move and doesn’t seem to be moving from her position on the matter. Brexit Secretary Davis tried to reach out to Tory MPs to see if they could find some middle ground. However, the Tory leader Dominic Grieve is not backing down no matter what. This feud doesn’t appear to be dying down no time soon. On a lighter note, Prime Minister May did insist that much could still change before the amendment is voted on later on Wednesday.

In case you missed December 6th PMQ, we have it here

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