Covid rule changes are planned after scientists were forced to admit to a massive blunder

Covid rule changes are planned after scientists were forced to admit to a massive blunder

The UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA) was compelled to declare yesterday that its seven-day isolation period was not comparable to other countries, including the US. The public health body argued that whereas the UK's seven-day quarantine began as soon as symptoms appeared, the US quarantine did not begin until a positive test result.

That the stay-at-home period was the same in both countries.

Ministers have used it to argue against requests to reduce Britain's isolation period.

However, the UKHSA stated Monday that it erred and that the US quarantine period begins as soon as symptoms appear.

The UK's isolation rules will be amended to match those of the US, the Government announced last night.

In a news conference yesterday at a vaccine centre in his district, Prime Minister Boris Johnson urged experts to alter their minds.

"We need to look at the science," he stated.

"We'll look into it and act based on science."

Ministers including Michael Gove and Nadhim Zahawi have publicly backed limiting isolation time.

With over 100,000 Covid infections per day, they feel the rule change would help keep the economy going.

Hospitals, schools, and other key sectors may face severe staff shortages because to the high number of infected.

More than a million Britons are being quarantined due to the illness.

The regulatory change would enable personnel return to work faster.

Last month, US scientists proposed lowering seclusion to five days to address the same issue.

They stated Americans must isolate for five days and then wear a mask outside for another five days.

The UKHSA admits it misunderstood American instructions after the CDC contacted it to clarify its guidelines.

"We updated our blog following CDC clarification on their isolation guidance on January 4," said a UKHSA representative.

We now recommend releasing persons from isolation on day seven with two negative lateral flow test findings taken 24 hours apart, which is akin to releasing infected after 10 days isolation.

"In the US, people should isolate for five days, and in the UK, it's six days."