David Cameron thinks Michael Gove is a ‘lunatic’ and blames him for Brexit defeat, says ex-PM’s friends

David Cameron brands Michael Gove a ‘lunatic’ as he reveals he blames him rather than Boris for EU referendum defeat and end of his political career

-David Cameron also said Environment Secretary Michael Gove was ‘mad’

-Relations between the two have been strained ever since the EU referendum

-Mr Cameron is now on semi-friendly terms with other rival Boris Johnson

-Former Prime Minister has delayed publishing his memoirs until next year

David Cameron has branded Michael Gove a ‘lunatic’ and blames him for defeat in the EU referendum rather than Boris Johnson.

According to the The Sunday Times, Mr Cameron will launch a blistering attack on the Environment Secretary in his memoirs, and will also blame him for ending his political career.

Two sources told the newspaper he plans to be ‘very honest’ in his forthcoming book and show his fury with Mr Gove- who Mr Cameron told friends is ‘mad’ and a ‘lunatic.’

A source close to Cameron reportedly said: “He was saying Michael Gove was a lunatic.

“He said he had not realised quite how mad he was until that whole incident [Brexit].

“He was saying he feels even more cross with Gove than Boris.”

Mr Cameron is reported to believe if Gove had not “mucked it up”, Boris Johnson would have gone head to head with George Osborne for the party leadership after his departure.

One said his reflections on Brexit and his personal life were “very good”, but added that the parts “where he tries to explain his achievements as prime minister are pretty dull”.

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