Despite damning footage from the government’s Christmas party leaking out, the government refuses to come out of hiding

Despite damning footage from the government’s Christmas party leaking out, the government refuses to come out of hiding

It has been alleged that Boris Johnson is lying after denying that Downing Street hosted an event while London was under lockdown.

It was announced this morning that Sajid Javid had postponed a series of media appearances following the release of the tape last night.

Unlikely as it may seem, Mr. Johnson did not go for his morning exercise and has not yet made any public comments. However, he will be obliged to face the matter at today's prime minister's questions.
The attorney general, Suella Braverman, has been spotted entering Downing Street. She is responsible for providing the government with legal advice.

All social distance standards must be adhered to at all times, according to Number 10. There has been no response from regarding this storey.

Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer has accused the administration of 'handling the public with disdain' and said Mr Johnson is'socially detached from the truth'.
Allegra Stratton, the press secretary at the time, and adviser Ed Oldfield, along with other staffers, were seen on camera joking about a fictitious Downing Street party, according to ITV News.

Downing Street workers can be heard laughing as comments to 'cheese and wine' and the lack of social separation are made at the simulated press conference on December 22 last year.

In the days following the alleged Covid rule-breaking gathering, the leaked video was allegedly recorded.

As a result of Tier 3 restrictions, thousands of people were dying every week in London.

As soon as the seemingly incontrovertible proof surfaced that a party had occurred, Mr. Johnson was placed under rigorous scrutiny.

Anger in the Conservative Party is said to have been caused by the release of the film, which has been likened to the Dominic Cummings Barnard Castle scandal.
Over the past few days, ministers have appeared in public to say the prime minister assured them that all Downing Street guidelines was adhered to.

When Mr Javid cancelled a media appearance to mark the one-year anniversary of the vaccine distribution, the BBC Breakfast show displayed a photo of an empty chair where Mr Javid had been scheduled to sit.
'I wasn't invited, I wasn't there,' said Matt Hancock, who was health secretary at the time of the alleged gathering.'

After losing loved ones in the epidemic, the latest development has been likened to a 'bullet to their chests'

According to Dr Saleyha Ahsan, a member of the Covid-19 Bereaved Families for Justice, this is an illustration of how the government has operated this from day one: One rule for them and the rest of us have to follow separate rules'.

There were "many people around the country who couldn't spend those precious final few days, hours and minutes with loved ones," Dr. Ahsan said the faux press conference. It was a devastating scene. I've never seen anything like it in the 14 years I've worked in the NHS.

The most recent revelation is like a bullet to the chest,' he said, referring to this most recent revelation.

'It just shows the disregard for the rest of us,' he said.