DWP: Mum fleeced the taxpayer of almost £21,000 in tax credits and housing benefit

CHEATING THE SYSTEM Mum claimed £21k tax in housing benefits after ‘forgetting to tell DwP she lived with her HUSBAND’

Ashley Louise Staveley, 28, lied to officials and said she was living on her own in Hartlepool

A MUM claimed £21,000 in housing benefit and tax credits after “forgetting” to tell the Department of Work and Pensions she lived with her husband.

Ashley Louise Staveley, 28, told officials she was a single parent so she could fraudulently claim the cash.

But the shopworker and barmaid was living with her husband in Hartlepool and failed to notify the authorities, reports Teeside Live.

She had failed to notify the authorities that her husband lived with her which also should have affected her entitlement to tax credits.

Staveley admitted fraudulently receiving benefits, paid by the taxpayer, which totalled over £20,900.

She was not represented in court but a report from the probation service stated there had been “a lot of emotional issues” which may have led her to forget to notify the authorities of a change of circumstances.

“She has been in a relationship for the past six years and during that period it’s been mainly on and off,” said the probation officer.

The court heard she was separated from her husband during both of her pregnancies. She also underwent tests for cervical cancer which came back clear.

“All impacted her careless thinking,” the officer added.

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