Esther McVey is subjected to a tide of abuse after her promotion to Work and Pensions Secretary as trolls brand her ‘evil’, ‘vile’ and a ‘bitter and dangerous woman’

The Tatton MP is a hate figure on the left following her last spell in Government, as Iain Duncan Smith’s deputy during the coalition.

Ms McVey lost her seat at the 2015 General Election but after taking over George Osborne’s seat last June was restored to the political front line last night.

Theresa May brought her back into Cabinet at the last moment last night when Justine Greening refused to take the welfare portfolio.

A petition calling for her to be sacked has already collected over 9,000 signatures.

Twitter user Aaron Broome branded her the ‘vilest of all career politicians’ and claimed: ‘Esther Mcvey disabled hater, votes for more or less every cut to the vulnerable.

‘Spanked in the election and then shoehorned into Gideon’s old constituency, Tory cronyism at its worst, this party really makes me sick.’

Sebastian Vulva told the minister: ‘You are evil personified.’

Labour MPs were quick to condemn her appointment, with UNISON union worker Mark Ferguson calling it ‘perverse’, saying it will ‘end disastrously’.

He tweeted: ‘I have rarely seen a Minister so readily and callously disregard the impact of their actions as Esther McVey did when she was last at DWP.

‘Putting her in charge of the department is perverse and will end disastrously.’

Labour MP for Cardiff South and Penarth posted: ‘Extraordinary decision to make Esther McVey DWP Secretary of State – was heartless and ideological DWP Minister in past so does not bode well. Hugely worrying decision for vulnerable in this country.’

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