Facebook group ‘urges protesters to dress as homeless people’ along Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s wedding route

A Facebook group is urging protesters to dress as “homeless people” along Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s wedding route in Windsor.

Anti-homelessness demonstrations are planned after a Tory council leader asked police to remove rough sleepers from the affluent borough before the royal wedding.

Hundreds of people are planning to take part – and they’ve been told to dress the part and bring sleeping bags and cardboard signs when they line the procession route on May 19.

But the idea has faced criticism, with some Facebook users saying it is “patronising” and unnecessary.

A number of protests are due to take place when Harry and Meghan tie the knot at St George’s Chapel at Windsor Castle.

One Facebook event, called “Demonstration Against Homelessness Along the Royal Wedding Route”, suggests protesters should dress as “clichéd homeless people” when the town is overrun by royal fans and journalists from around the world.

The idea was hatched after Tory council leader Simon Dudley asked police to remove rough sleepers from Windsor ahead of the wedding.

So far more than 1,500 people have marked themselves as “attending” or “interested”.

The government has said there are just eight homeless people in all of Windsor and Maidenhead.

The protest organisers wrote: “How wonderful and poignant a protest against homelessness and wealth disparity would it be, if we all demonstrated against this despicable slur by lining the royal wedding route dressed as the clichéd homeless people Simon Dudley so despises?

“It would be an event for the history books. So. Sleeping bags and cardboard placards at the ready for the royals. Who’s in?”

In another group planning a similar protest, called “No Jacket Required”, users debated the idea of dressing as rough sleepers to ridicule the Tory council leader and bring attention to the plight of Britain’s homeless population.

A meme posted in the group read “What if thousands of people dress like homeless people on the day of the Royal wedding to line the route?”, along with a laughing emoji.

Some users hit out at the suggestion, saying it would be unnecessary.

One wrote: “How’s a homeless person dress? I’ve seen people wearing their suits and brightly polished shoes with their belongings in briefcases trying to keep some dignity and ready if they get an interview.

“Bloody stupid and patronising idea. Bring a sleeping bag by all means and then donate it after would be a better idea.”

Another user wrote: “So have I been homeless and I know for a fact not all are in rags and dirty and I find it patronising, sorry if I’m coming across as harsh but there are better ways to making a point. Numbers alone will be enough.”

The person who posted the meme wrote: “I agree with Sol, having been homeless on and off for years myself, I think my input is valid.

“I do not consider the idea patronising, quite the reverse actually. I think it is a very neat idea to raise awareness toward the plight of the homeless in the uk.”

Another protest group has urged people to sleep rough on the streets of Windsor the night before the wedding.

The event listing reads: “Head to Windsor on 18 May with a sleeping bag. Let’s add flasks of hot drinks, soup and snacks and let’s show the homeless people of Windsor they are valued and loved and don’t deserve to be treated like rats.”

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