For defending Boris Johnson, the minister was thrown out of a Tory WhatsApp group

For defending Boris Johnson, the minister was thrown out of a Tory WhatsApp group

Nadine Dorries defended Boris Johnson on the right wing ‘Clean Global Brexit' group, but her new contribution appears to have enraged Conservatives.

According to leaked messages, Brexiteer organiser Steve Baker yelled at the Culture Secretary: ‘Enough is enough.'

Mr Baker, a supporter of free speech, seemed displeased when Ms Dorries called the PM ‘the hero who brought Brexit.'
That person who earned an 83-seat majority and delivered Brexit deserves some loyalty, she added.

But that sent the over 100 MPs into unimaginable chaos.

Lord Forst, the Government's Brexit Minister, quit on Saturday night, dealing Mr Johnson another major blow.
‘It's a disaster,' wrote Brexiteer Andrew Bridgen. Lord Frost feared the Gov's policy direction. Most Conservative backbenchers are too.'

Before Geoffrey Clifton-Brown added: ‘This is a another hammer blow to the PM.'

That caused Ms Dorries to defend Mr Johnson, before she was dismissed.

‘About time, thanks Steve,' Mr Bridgen said as she was dismissed.

The row comes as the PM has faced many resignation calls and no confidence letters from Tory MPs to the key 1922 Committee. If 54 do so, he will be voted out.
To save a Tory MP sanctioned for lobbying violations, Mr Johnson tried to save one of his own.

The Conservatives lost a by-election in a safe seat after devastating revelations about Christmas parties in Downing Street — in which Mr Johnson was accused of lying and breaking Covid restrictions.

The texts were released to Sky's political correspondent Sam Coates, who said one Tory told him it was ‘Proof that Baker is wanting the PM's job and won't allow anyone protecting him.'

One MP defended Ms Dorries in the unique debate.
‘Exactly Nadine,' wrote Conor Burns. Memory seems limited.'

But Mr Baker, a Conservative extreme right MP, wrote: ‘The majority was secured for several reasons. Two were crucial:

someone (oops) but not him convinced [then Reform UK leader Nigel] Farage not to run against incumbents.

In the absence of Boris, we would be on the opposite side.

TRUTH! And yes, Conor, some memories are fleeting.'