Former Facebook Executive Warns “You Are Being Programmed”

“You don’t realize it but you are being programmed.” These were the powerful words spoken by former Facebook vice president of user growth, Chamath Palihapitiya. Speaking at an event hosted by Standford Graduate School of Business Palihapitiya expresses his guilt for helping Facebook. The Former Facebook VP cautions, “We curate our lives around this perceived sense of perfection because we get rewarded in these short-term signals: Hearts, likes, thumbs up.” And for this reason, he strongly believes that Facebook is the cause of the division in the world today.

A Global Problem
Palihapitiya blasted Facebook for creating tools that divide society. As an example, he cites the current ‘Russian situation’ America currently finds itself in. The 41-year-old told the crowd about a blog post on Facebook’s blog back in October where 10 million Americans got Advertisements from Russia in their News Feeds. The former Facebook exec also think society on a whole should probably take a serious break from all Social Media. He went on to say that Social Media is a global problem.

But he isn’t the only former Facebook executive to warn the public about the social giant. In November Sean Parker, Facebook’s founding President said, “Facebook exploited a vulnerability in human psychology. It literally changes your relationship with society, with each other. It probably interferes with productivity in weird ways. God only knows what it’s doing to our children’s brains.” Sean Parker was one of Facebook’s co-founding partners back in the day. His stock in the company helped him become one of the youngest billionaires in America.

Brain Hacking
So are what these two former Facebook insiders saying true, does Facebook purposely program us? Well according to ex-Google product manager, Tristan Harris, Yes! Harris said that Social Media companies are hacking your brain. Harris told CBS that companies such as Google, Facebook, and Twitter are using covert tactics to reshape your thoughts and actions. This all in an effort to get you hooked on their platform. For example, did you know that notifications from Facebook to your smartphone were made to excite you? Yes much like slot machines excite gambling addicts. The goal is to get you addicted. Tech insiders call this tactic ‘brain hacking.’
Here’s the video:

Here’s my opinion
Don’t blame social media for social issues and fake news. This was happening far before social Media In the UK the media was never independent. Control the message and you control the voters. Both Orwell and Hitler understood this as did the Tories in 1976 when they broke away from one nation Tory to the Milton Freidman neocon economic model of small government, that has been asset stripping the country since 1979 trickling up wealth and debt down to the poor.

What do you think?
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