Girl who was locked-in her body and given a 5% chance of coming round WAKES UP

Girl, 14, who was locked-in her body and given a 5% chance of coming round WAKES UP 18 months later – after her mother played piano by her bedside

-Miranda Meldrum nearly died from a catastrophic brain haemorrhage

-Suffered severe headache, loss of hearing and inability to move her arms

-Rushed to A&E but woke from urgent life-saving operation totally paralysed

-Locked-in syndrome meant she couldn’t talk but was aware of her surroundings

A girl who was ‘locked-in’ her body woke up after her mother played piano by her bedside.

Miranda Meldrum was a talented singer and an active 13-year-old when she suffered a life-threatening brain haemorrhage in the early hours of April 25 last year.

Girl who was locked-in her body and given a 5% chance of coming round WAKES UP

After experiencing a severe headache, sudden hearing loss and paralysis of her arms, Miranda was rushed to Bristol Children’s Hospital where doctors performed life-saving surgery.

Stella, 52, said that since her haemorrhage in 2017, Miranda has been making improvements daily. Her speech and movement is improving, she has started writing again and taking singing and dance lessons for physiotherapy. Girl given a five per cent chance of coming round has woken up Play Video Loaded: 0% 0:00Progress: 0% PlayMute Current Time 0:00 / Duration Time 1:40 Fullscreen

Miranda, now 14, said that despite being paralysed, she could always see a ‘light at the end’. ‘I knew it was temporary. I was channeling positive thoughts, my brain wouldn’t let me think negatively,’ she said.

‘I was thinking most of the time “move” and then nothing happened, then “move” and still nothing and then “move” and there was a little flicker.’ Patients diagnosed with locked-in syndrome have an 80% chance of 10-year survival, statistics suggest. Stella, a doctor of 25 years, said: ‘Miranda had a 95% chance of remaining like that indefinitely.

‘The only thing she could do was blink the eyes. We knew she was still in there so I would play songs and Peter Kay dvds. ‘For ages she couldn’t move any muscle then after three months she could look slowly to the left.

‘Then we started with the classic eye blinks – one blink for yes, two blinks for no. ‘Then Miranda moved onto being able to touch fingers on a keyboard and now she’s learned sign language. ‘She learned sign language so quickly – I couldn’t keep up.’

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