Hilarious Viral Video Shows Toddler’s Reaction When He Sees His Mom’s Belly Move for the First Time

This big brother was in for a big surprise while he was talking to his baby sibling in his mommy’s belly. It is every child’s dream to have a little brother or sister and Cassidy’s son is about to get his wish because Cassidy is pregnant.

Pregnancy is one of those little miracles in life that most of us take for granted. But bringing a new life into the world is a pretty incredible moment in any parent’s life. However, pregnancy can be a pretty confusing thing – especially for children. When a baby kicks mom’s tummy it’s a magical occasion but it can also be quite strange.

In the clip, a little boy is watching his mom’s pregnant belly. All is pretty calm at first, but a few seconds into the sweet moment, the baby starts to kick, and mom’s belly starts to roll, freaking the soon-to-be big brother out so much that he scrambles away! It’s pretty adorable.

In the several days the post has been live, it’s been shared more than 33K times and racked up over 12K comments, many from super-entertained moms.

This truly had us in stitches when we saw it. Already, you can see how perplexed the young boy is in the presence of his soon-to-be sibling kicking the inside of his mom’s tummy.

Wait for it…………………..Rd White ????

Posted by Cassidy Patterson on Wednesday, January 31, 2018

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