Hobson killer’saved in prison after suffering heart attacks in jail’

Hobson killer’saved in prison after suffering heart attacks in jail’

Savannah Brockhill, who was sentenced to 25 years in prison last week, fell and needed medical attention, the Sun says.

Just two days before her court appearance, she was found face down having a seizure.

After receiving CPR, she recovered enough to stand trial for the murder of a 16-month-old child whose life had been ‘marked by neglect, brutality, and harm'.
Great-grandfather Frank Smith informed the media that Star's injuries were too severe to save her.

‘Brockhill is preserved. What a pity!'
Frankie Smith, 20, was also sentenced to eight years in jail for causing or permitting her child's death.

Brockhill, a bouncer and security guard, threatened anyone who messaged her girlfriend on Snapchat.

It was explained to the jury that Brockhill and Smith had a "toxic connection" in which Smith had a "strange and pathological infatuation" with Brockhill.

Smith said that Brockhill had struck her, locked her in the bathroom, and threatened to drive her off a cliff.

Star was assaulted in the back of a car at a recycling factory where Brockhill worked as a security guard.

Four other people reported Brockhill and Smith — a babysitter, Star's father, her maternal great-grandmother and even her maternal grandmother's close friend.

Last year's social services visit, on September 2, was dismissed as'malicious rumours'.

In Keighley, West Yorkshire, Star was murdered a week later.

To the court, Star died from a ‘severe and violent blow or blows' to the abdomen.