Homeless man found £10,000 of gold and jewellery scattered on street – and handed it all back

A homeless man helped rescue £10,000 worth of valuables after they were dropped during a terrifying robbery.

Anthony Porter, 34, jumped in to help staff at the Cash Generator store in Grimsby, Lincolnshire, when they came out to confront the two axe-wielding raiders.

He was praised for handing back £10,000 worth of gold and jewellery that had been swept up from a window display and left scattered across the pavement as the robbers fled.

He was then rewarded with a mobile phone and some money for food by the shop’s owner, David James, reports Grimsby Live.

Anthony said: “As soon as I heard the first bang with the axe on the window I went for him and pulled off his balaclava.”

He added: “I picked up the gold bracelets and other gold and passed it back to the staff, all of it. I need money. But I don’t worship money. It is other people’s God, not mine.

“I clear rubbish from the street and I have been homeless for 15 years, but I don’t take from others.”

Speaking about the moment he saw the men approach the shop, honest Anthony said: “There were two of them blacked out with balaclavas and one of them used the axe on the window.

“When the staff came out he had a go at them. These are my friends that were going to get whacked and covered in shards of glass. They are young people. They are all my friends.

“I grabbed him and pulled off his balaclava and saw his ginger hair. He looked like an armed robber. The other one on the motorcycle went off down past McDonalds. I was shaking afterwards.”

Anthony , who previously ran his own gardening business, went on to say how his involvement in the incident has left him slightly worried about reprisals and that he could become a target from associates of the two robbers.

He also spoke of his aim goal to get off the streets and find accommodation and work, adding: “Having a home would make my life. I can do bricklaying, plastering and gardening.”

Humberside Police arrived within minutes and confirmed on Wednesday a 40-year-old man was arrested on suspicion of robbery and is in custody.

Shop owner David then called on members of the public to help trace his accomplice who fled the scene on a 250cc motocross or scrambler type motorcycle.

He fled down East St Mary’s Gate towards Bethlehem Street.

Humberside Police are keen to hear from anyone who saw which direction the rider fled from Bethlehem Street at shortly after 9am on Wednesday.

A Humberside Police spokesman said: “We are making enquiries to try to identify the rider who left the scene. He is a person we need to speak to. He went down the side past McDonald’s. He was on a motocross or scrambler type motorcycle and was in dark clothing, possibly a balaclava. We would welcome any witnesses who saw which ever direction he went in on Bethlehem Street.”

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