Horrified parents march kids back to McDonald’s to say sorry after they ran amok and spat at a manager

Police got involved after the group of 11-14 year olds were caught on camera causing trouble

Furious parents marched their children into McDonald’s to apologise after they were caught on camera running amok.

Outraged parents have marched their children back into McDonald’s to apologise after they were caught running riot on camera.

The fast-food restaurant in Middleton town centre, Manchester, had already been struggling to keep anti-social behaviour under control.

So much so that one member of staff had even taken to wearing a body camera, which recorded the incident.

When a group of 10 teenagers entered the restaurant, things went from bad to worse after they reportedly hurled verbal abuse, ran rampage through the building and threw food and rubbish.

It has also been reported that one youth spat in the store manager’s face.

Thanks to the body camera, as well as additional CCTV footage from a nearby Tesco Extra, local police worked closely with schools to identify all 10 culprits aged between 11 and 14.

After being shown the footage of their children’s behaviour, the parents were said to be “horrified.”

As a result, the parents and police escorted each of the offenders back into the restaurant and made them apologise.

While all of the children involved have been referred to the Youth Offending Team to help steer them away from crime, two could potentially be cautioned for a public order offence and a common assault offence in relation to the spitting.

“It’s a really positive result. The parents have been very supportive and there’s been no trouble since,” PC Stuart Ockwell told Manchester Evening News.

“It was nice that the parents got to see what their kids had been up to.”

“If parents think their kids are part of anything like this, they should call them and get them out of there. They need to know that they will be identified.”

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