‘House of Horrors’ teen’s secret YouTube videos give glimpse of squalid conditions where she and 12 siblings were ‘held captive’

Brave 17-year-old girl who escaped from House of Horrors and raised the alarm posted YouTube videos of her singing under an alias – showing squalid conditions where she and her 12 siblings were starved and abused

-David and Louise Turpin are charged with starving and torturing their 13 biological children – ranging from two to 29 years old – in their Perris, California home

-Their 17-year-old daughter finally escaped in January and raised the alarm, which led to her 12 siblings being rescued and her parents’ arrest

-It has emerged that the teen posted multiple videos of herself singing her own songs on a YouTube account – set up under an alias

-Videos also offer an insight into life inside the Perris, California home where kids were starved and abused

-In one clip, a huge pile of dirty clothes are seen in the corner of the room while dirty smudges are on the door

-She was also seen playing with two small Bichon dogs – which were found well fed and in good health by rescuers, in stark contrast to the condition of the children, who were all found malnourished

-David and Louise Turpin have pleaded not guilty to more than 40 charges, including torture, false imprisonment, child abuse, and abuse of a dependent adult

-David Turpin also denied one count of lewd conduct with a minor – they could both face up to life in jail

The brave 17-year-old girl who escaped from the House of Horrors to raise the alarm that she and her 12 siblings were being abused, had shared videos of herself singing on YouTube.

Uncovered clips show glimpses of the property after the teen uploaded multiple videos to YouTube under a false name inside the home of David and Louise Turpin in Perris, California.

US media report the girl penned and performed her own songs just a week before she fled the property to alert authorities after years of alleged abuse.

Good Morning America released one clip which shows a pile of dirty clothes scattered in the corner of one room with dirt seen on a door.

The teen is filmed playing with two dogs that it was claimed were treated better than the siblings after they were discovered in good health compared to the malnourished children.

In January, the 13 Turpin children – aged from two to 29 – were freed as their parents were taken into custody charged with 37 counts of abuse against their kids.

Police said there was evidence the children were beaten, starved and chained to their beds amid filthy conditions.

But the parents have denied the claims.

The couple remain in jail with their next court appearance set for March 23.

The kids who are minors were brought to a facility for care, while seven of the children – who are all adults – are being given treatment in hospital.

Earlier this month, the lawyer for the eldest children revealed they are enjoying their new-found freedom by eating lasagna and watching Star Wars films.

Jack Osborn said they were also reading books, using iPads, listening to country music and playing basketball and football while undergoing care.

Mr Osborn, whose law firm is representing the older siblings in legal proceedings against their parents, has been visiting them at the Corona Regional Medical Center in California.

He told USA Today : “Most of all, they’re looking forward to being independent and coming up with a game plan for their life.

“They want to finish school, they want to have careers. They look forward to going out to movies and shopping and everything else people their age are doing.”

Police moved on the Turpin family home after one of the siblings escaped and alerted the authorities over the alleged horror they had been subjected to.

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