If only 18-24s voted in the next general election the Tories would not win a single seat

According to new data collected with a YouGov poll, and then compiled by Election Maps UK, if only 18-24s were allowed to vote in the next general election, the Conservative party would not win a single seat.

The map for this age demographic showed that if only young people were allowed to vote, Labour would win an impressive 600 seats, the Lib Dems would take 21, the SNP would take 9, and the Green Party would take 1.

The result is also a map bathed in red:

However, as we’re all extremely aware, the last general election to take place in the UK in 2017 did not result in a sweeping victory for Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour, but instead it saw more and more constituencies on the map turning blue.

In the end, the Conservatives won 316 seats, and were taken to victory by the DUP, who propped up the government and gave them a majority with their 10 seats. Labour, on the other hand, won 262 seats.

This can perhaps be explained by the incredible difference illustrated by the map showing how the general election would look if only over 65s were given the vote.

According to the Ipsos Mori How Britain Voted survey following the General Election under-45s came out in force for Labour while over-54s voted in greater proportions for the Conservatives than in 2015.

Almost two-thirds of those aged 18-24 voting for Jeremy Corbyn’s party, while 61 per cent of over-64s voted Conservative.

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