If there were a general election today, Boris Johnson “would lose his seat to Labour.”

If there were a general election today, Boris Johnson “would lose his seat to Labour.”

With the ‘Partygate' affair and the Covid-19 lockdown restrictions coming under renewed scrutiny, the Tories appear to have taken a knock this month.

Sir Keir Starmer would win a general election with a majority of 26 seats, according to a three-week poll commissioned by The Sunday Times.

The PM's personal ratings have fallen, and he may lose his seat in Uxbridge and South Ruislip if projections come true.
That would make Mr Johnson the first incumbent prime minister expelled.

The Focaldata study interviewed nearly 25,000 people about their vote intentions, with breakdowns per constituency.

Five other cabinet ministers, including Cop26 president Alok Sharma and environment secretary George Eustice, would be ousted.

During last year's lockdown, Mr Johnson allegedly had a Christmas party at his Downing Street residence.
Sir Keir Starmer during Prime Minister's Questions in the Commons (PA Wire)
Earlier this month, 99 Tory backbenchers rebelled against the government over mandatory Covid-19 permits, the largest defection against the PM since he took office.

And he said the UK had the ‘worst conceivable prime minister, at the worst possible time.'

‘The British public want a prime leader they can trust to lead them through this crisis,' he said.

Instead, we have the worst possible PM at the worst conceivable time.'

Since then, he's hinted at forming informal anti-Tory coalitions with other parties.

‘Given the scale of the task we face, and my total desire to get this done at the next general election, I am very clear about what our target seats are,' he told Times Radio.

‘I know where we have to win across the UK.'