It’s “probable” that China “designed” Covid, and a Wuhan lab leak is “likely.”

It’s “probable” that China “designed” Covid, and a Wuhan lab leak is “likely.”

Dr. Alina Chan of MIT and Harvard claimed there was a chance Covid-19 was created in China.

The 33-year-old co-authored a book with British science journalist Matt Ridley on the genesis of the pandemic virus Sars-CoV-2.

Today, they updated the Science and Technology Select Committee.
Dr. Chan believes a lab origin is more likely than a natural origin.

The virus was disseminated by people at the Wuhan seafood market, but there is no proof of a natural animal origin.'

Covid-19 was initially identified as a human-to-human transmission in January 2020, but it had been spreading for weeks.
Initially, many suspected a wet market in Wuhan was the source of the virus, which transferred from animals – likely bats or pangolins – to humans

Initially disregarded as a ‘conspiracy theory,' the idea of a lab leak is increasingly gaining traction, even among Western intelligence officers.

After two years of searching, Mr Riley informed MPs that no animal host had been found.

It's hard to believe that after two years we haven't located a single afflicted animal that could be the parent of Sars, Mers, or both.

‘We need to know to stop the next pandemic. We need to know whether we should tighten lab work or rules relating to wildlife trading. We are currently not doing either.'

While China has refuted the lab leak allegation, it has been criticised for its lack of transparency in the pandemic probe.
In October, the WHO announced a new taskforce that may be the last chance to learn how Covid-19 arose.

As a result of the mutant Omicron strain, there are fears of a ‘pandemic 2.0'.

Dr Chan is convinced the truth will come out, but it may take ‘five to fifty years'.

‘It's not safe for anyone to come forward right now,' she said.

It will ultimately come out since we live in an era of so much data storage.

She went on to add that she thought the virus was designed.

‘We have heard from several expert virologists that a genetically modified origin is reasonable,' she said.
‘We know this virus has a particular trait called the furin cleavage site, which is creating this epidemic.

Unveiling of a plan by EcoHealth and the Wuhan Institute of Virology to introduce novel furin cleavage sites.

‘So, these scientists announced in early 2018 “I'm going to horn horses” and by late 2019 a unicorn appeared in Wuhan.'

A WHO team examining Covid's origins travelled to China in February and decided the virus likely came from bats, but additional research was needed.

Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, director general of the WHO, later claimed China's lack of data and transparency impeded the probe.

‘A lab accident cannot be ruled out,' Dr Tedros and other WHO officials said in a Science editorial.