Jeremy Corbyn slammed by Benjamin Netanyahu for laying wreath at terrorists’ graves and ‘comparing Israel to the Nazis’

Jeremy Corbyn blasts Israeli PM saying killing children should be condemned not visiting graves after Netanyahu slammed Labour leader for attending wreath-laying at Palestinian terrorists’ burial site

-Photos show Mr Corbyn holding wreath near graves of those implicated in attack

-Claims he was there to commemorate 47 victims of an Israeli air strike in 1985

-Benjamin Netanyahu said Mr Corbyn deserves ‘unequivocal condemnation’

-Labour Jewish MP Luciana Berger said Mr Corbyn must apologise for being there

Pictures posted on the Palestinian Embassy in Tunisia’s Facebook page back in 2014, show UK Labour Party Leader Jeremy Corbyn taking part in a wreath laying ceremony at a cemetery in Tunisia, where members of Black September, the Palestinian terrorist organization that carried outthe 1972 Munich Massacre during the Olympics, are burred.

Jeremy Corbyn has blasted the Israeli Prime Minister by saying he is the one who should be condemned for killing children rather than the Labour leader who has faced a backlash for his visit to a gravesite.

The Labour leader has faced calls to quit after the Daily Mail exclusively revealed photographs of him being at a wreath laying for Palestinian terrorists involved in the Munich massacre.

Earlier today Benjamin Netanyahu teared into Mr Corbyn online for appearing to compare the Israeli occupation of the West Bank to the Nazi takeover of Europe at an event in 2013.

But Mr Corbyn responded to his words by calling him out for discriminating against Israel’s Palestinian minority, tweeting: ‘Israeli PM @Netanyahu’s claims about my actions and words are false.

He then tweeted: “The nation state law sponsored by @Netanyahu’s government discriminates against Israel’s Palestinian minority. I stand with the tens of thousands of Arab and Jewish citizens of Israel demonstrating for equal rights at the weekend in Tel Aviv.”

A Spokesman for Jeremy Corbyn said: “As has been consistently stated, Jeremy Corbyn visited the Palestine National Cemetery in Tunisia to support Palestinian rights and honour the victims of the illegal 1985 airstrike, many of whom were civilians, on the PLO’s headquarters – an attack condemned by the UN.

“Jeremy did not lay any wreath at the graves of those alleged to have been linked to the Black September organisation or the 1972 Munich killings. He of course condemns that terrible attack, as he does the 1985 bombing.”

It’s thought there was no photo opportunity at the 1985 memorial during the visit, and Corbyn may have been taken by his Palestinian hosts to Khalaf’s grave for a photograph because he was the most significant figure buried there.

Asked if Mr Corbyn regrets apparently being pictured at Khalaf’s graveside, a source close to the Labour Leader said: “Absolutely not.”

“If he had laid a wreath for Salah Khalaf,” he added, “it would be no more controversial than Jack Straw doing it, or Yasser Arafat.

“It’s academic, because the case is he just didn’t. But it’s not as if there’s anything wrong with that.”

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