Jeremy Hunt keeps Heath Secretary with added social care brief despite overseeing NHS ‘winter crisis’

Jeremy Hunt has kept his job as Health Secretary, despite overseeing what is widely viewed as a winter crisis in the NHS.

However, Theresa May has added social care to his responsibilities, to signal her determination to sort out one of the biggest issues facing the country.

Mr Hunt had been tipped for a sideways move to a different department, perhaps business, after becoming hugely unpopular with many patients and health staff.

But, after a lengthy meeting in Downing Street, No 10 announced he would head up a new, rebranded Department of Health and Social Care.

The Government has spoken repeatedly of its wish to integrate health and social care, but the programme has only begun on a small scale, in some areas.

The impact of adding to Mr Hunt’s list of responsibilities appears limited, given that his department already oversaw social care policy, although funding is delivered through local councils.

There was speculation that he refused a move to business, where Greg Clark remains as the Secretary of State.

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