Labour’s lead over Conservatives surges to 7% in polls over fears brutal Tory cuts will spark recession

Imagine what Labour’s lead would be without people on the inside trying to cause trouble.

The fake anti-Semitism allegations against some prominent members are an obvious indication of troublemaking, to me – but that’s because I have been a victim of them.

If this, and other issues were resolved – and the public had access to news media that were fair and accurate – who knows what Labour’s lead could become?

Labour has surged to a 7% poll lead amid fears that ­ongoing brutal cuts by the Tories will spark a recession.

Survation, which accurately predicted last year’s election result, puts Jeremy Corbyn on 44%, with Theresa May’s Conservative Party trailing on 37% and the Lib Dems notching just 9%.

Half of those polled said they expect the UK to slide into a recession within the next two years and 62% said they want this week’s Spring Budget Statement to announce a real-terms increase in spending on public services.

Some 48% who voted Tory at the last general election think cuts have gone too far.

Tim Roache, general secretary of the GMB union who commissioned the survey, said: “We’ve all seen that it’s not working.

“Public services are at breaking point, our infrastructure is creaking and there is no Government plan to create jobs. This poll shows voters think the Government’s cuts have gone too far.

“Austerity has failed. In his Spring Budget Statement, the Chancellor has a choice.

“The choice is to stop the cuts and invest in our economy and public services, or continue with a failed policy the electorate don’t like, don’t want and will roundly reject at the next election.

“As these figures show, the policies Labour will deliver are giving people hope and a belief that things can be different.”

Voting Intention

LAB 44%

CON 37%

LD 9%

SNP 3%



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