Leave-voting expats realise an end to free movement also applies to them

These Leave Voters who live in Spain have just realised that the end to free movement also applies to them

While it might be sunny in Spain, things are not looking so great over in the UK, especially considering the fast-approaching Brexit deadline.

A video of a Leave-voting expat who bought his Spanish holiday home after the referendum has been making the rounds on social media after he realised an end to free movement would apply to him too.

Dave, who bought a holiday home in Spain after voting to leave, says he would vote to remain if there was a second referendum.

Explaining the reasons behind his change of heart, he said freedom of movement in Europe for “proper Europeans” was among the main factor.

He said: “I know it might be selfish, but I think on reflection now we’d probably vote the other way now”.

Asked whether he has shot himself in the foot, he replied he “may very well have done”.

At the end of January it was announced that a no deal Brexit could see between 50,000 and 250,000 British expats return to the UK from the European Union.

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