Moment a would-be ATM thief, 51, blows HIMSELF up in botched cashpoint raid leaving him fighting for life

CASH, BANG, WALLOP Thief in critical condition after blowing himself up during botched raid on cashpoint

Scottish police in Clydebank have arrested the would-be thief’s accomplice who walked away from the explosion.

A THIEF is in critical condition after accidentally blowing himself up when he tried to rob an ATM.

This is the horrific moment a man is blown up by his own explosion as he tried to steal cash from an ATM in Scotland.

The extraordinary CCTV footage shows the would-be thief, who suffered ‘life-threatening’ injuries, being flung into the air as a ball of fire erupted from the cashpoint in Clydebank.

He sustained extensive injuries to his face and head as the attempted heist went horribly wrong, while an accomplice escaped unhurt.

The injured man, 51, was found unconscious and was said to be in a critical condition, according to the Daily Record.

He was treated at the Queen Elizabeth University Hospital following the botched cashpoint raid outside a newsagents.

Police are on the search for the second man, who can be seen in the video collecting a bag and walking away from the scene as he leaves his injured colleague behind.

Debris from the destroyed ATM was said to be scattered as far as 25 yards away from the blast while nearby shop windows also suffered damage.

Witness Jamie Mac wrote on Twitter: ‘I got lost dropping a mate off & saw smoke and flames coming from the Farmfoods cash machine.

‘2 guys tried to fill the cash machine with gas and blew it and themselves up. 1 guy ran away the [other] has life-threatening injuries.’

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