Mother, 23, is left almost bald after three women attacked her in a nightclub

A young mum has been left ‘almost bald’ after a group of women pulled her hair out and ‘gouged at her eyes’ at a nightclub.

Hollie-Louise Brown, 23, said she didn’t know if she would ‘make it home to her children’ and claims the three women scratched her eyeballs and kicked her in the head while she could ‘hear the hair tearing from her scalp’.

Brown, from Choppington, Northumberland, said: ‘I’m still in a lot of shock. I just can’t stop sobbing every time I walk past the mirror.

‘I’m absolutely heartbroken at the state of myself. The attack was unprovoked and there was no reason for it.’

“I didn’t think it was ever going to stop. I could hear my hair being ripped out.

“I wondered if I was going to make it home to my children or if I’d even get to see them again.”

Hollie-Louise had been to Bubbles pub in Ashington, Northumberland, on Saturday night when she was allegedly attacked at around 1am.

The single mum claims the incident started when a woman began dancing around her and ‘bumping’ into her.bald

When Hollie-Louise confronted her, the woman allegedly leaped on her – while her friends tore at her hair.

After falling to the floor, Hollie-Louise claims she was strangled and kicked to the head and body in a sustained attack that lasted around 25 minutes.

Meanwhile, other women allegedly scratched at her eyes after someone shouted ‘gouge out her eyes’ from the sideline.

Hollie-Louise claimed: “She was bouncing around the dance floor and bumping into me on purpose. I asked her what she was doing and she pushed me.

“I grabbed her and then all her friends began pulling at my hair and kicking me.

“We were rolling around the floor and they were all pulling at my hair.

“One of them was strangling me… I’m almost bald now.

“By the time the attack had ended I didn’t really know what was going on.

“One put my fingers in her mouth and was trying to bite.bald

“I was kicked in the head repeatedly.”

She added: “My eyelashes are gone because of where they tried to scratch my eyeballs.

“It went on for ages – it was probably about 25 minutes. According to my friends I ended up unconscious on the floor.”

After coming round, Hollie-Louise rushed home to her two sons, admitting she feared she’d never see them again.

Her dad helped her report it to the police and the next day she attended hospital and saw the police forensics team, who she claims confirmed that a cigarette had been deliberately put out on her.

During the days following the incident, the mum’s bruises reportedly worsened and she now fears the women will return.

Hollie-Louise said: “I went straight home because my dad was babysitting at my house and I needed to get back to my children.

“When I got in at around 1.45am, they were both awake when I got in and my oldest is only three, but he looked at me in shock because I looked so different.

“Obviously I was really upset and my hair had been pulled out.bald

“I went to the forensic team at the police station. They confirmed they’d put a cigarette out on me and I had scratches and bruises all over my body.

“My injuries have actually got worse since then because the bruising has come out.

“I went and had a CT scan because I’d been kicked in the head. Luckily they said there was no permanent damage and it’s just bruised.

“I’ve also been given antibiotics because of the cigarette burns.”bald

Northumbria Police confirmed three women in their 20s had been arrested in connection with the attack but released ‘under investigation’.

A spokesperson from Northumbria Police said: “In the early hours of Sunday (September 9) police received a report of an assault at Bubbles night club on John Street in Ashington.

“It was reported that a group of women became involved in an altercation inside the bar at around 12.45am that then carried on outside the premises.

“During the incident a 23-year-old woman was assaulted and had to receive medical attention for her injuries.

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