Mother of Arizona woman ‘strangled to death by her Marine veteran boyfriend’ appeals for help

‘He is a viper’: Mother of Arizona woman ‘strangled to death by her Marine veteran boyfriend’ appeals for help in finding the fugitive

-Raymond McLeod, 34, was charged with killing mom-of-two Krystal Mitchell

-Mitchell, 30, was found dead while on vacation with McLeod in San Diego

-Careful Mitchell had run credit checks on him, not background checks

-McLeod rented a car from the airport and drove straight to Mexico in 2016

-The veteran has since been spotted in Belize, Guatemala, and Honduras as well

The mother of an Arizona woman who was strangled to death while on vacation in San Diego two years ago is appealing to the public for help in finding the victim’s fugitive boyfriend, who is now believed to be hiding out in Central America.

Her family and friends were protective, none more so than mum Josephine Funes Wentzel who is a retired detective.

So when Krystal met a new man, former US Marine Raymond McLeod she was urged to be cautious.

Krystal, 30, was bowled over by the charming 32-year-old bodybuilder and insurance salesman who was also divorced with young children of his own.

She reassured loved ones that she’d done a “background check” on Raymond that came back spotless.

Her faith appeared to have been rewarded when McLeod whisked her off on a romantic getaway to San Diego, California, to visit friends.

But the trip ended in horror when friends discovered Krystal dead in their apartment, apparently having been strangled.

Police said there were obvious signs of a struggle.

McLeod had vanished and police later found evidence he had driven Krystal’s car to the airport, then rented another car and drove over the border into Mexico.

McLeod has now been charged with murder in his absence.

Friend Diana Olivares told Crime Watch Daily she instantly had a bad feeling about McLeod.

“She told me ‘I feel like I can be myself with this guy. I feel protected’,” Diana said.

“I got a weird vibe from him, but again, me and Krystal, we definitely had different tastes in men.”

Krystal’s mum Josephine, from Phoenix, Arizona, has now put her detective skills back to work in the hunt her daughter’s killer.

Tragically, she discovered the “background checks” Krystal carried out were for McLeod’s credit history, not criminal as she’d intended.

He has two convictions for domestic assault including one against an ex-partner just months before the pair met.

“She didn’t know anything about him,” Josephine added.

After appealing for help on social media, the family have had numerous reports McLeod may be in Belize.

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