Mother-of-two, 33, dies in her husband’s arms as she loses cancer battle just days after surviving long enough to give birth to her daughter at just 28 weeks and get married

DYING WISHES Young mum loses battle with cancer days after giving birth to daughter and marrying love of her life in hospital

-Tracey Keers gave birth to Kyla at 28 weeks as cancer was found to be terminal

-The Durham University worker had been battling breast cancer since 2016

-She and husband Steven were elated when she fell pregnant despite illness

A mother-of-two lost her battle with cancer aged 33 just days after giving birth and marrying the love of her life.

Tracey Keers, 33, was forced to deliver daughter Kyla prematurely at 28 weeks after doctors found she had terminal cancer.

She and her husband Steven, who also have a seven-year-old son called Kieran, got married at the end of March in James Cook University Hospital in Middlesbrough.

The couple, who also have a seven-year-old son, Kieran, tied the knot little more than a week later in a special, last-minute wedding at the hospital.

They were man and wife for just nine days before Tracey passed away in her husband’s arms, with her head resting on his chest, last Sunday.

The mum-of-two, from Hartlepool, had told her inspirational story in a blog aimed at helping other mothers with breast cancer.

Speaking of her diagnosis at 24 weeks’ pregnant, she wrote: “I felt I wanted to separate myself and just be with my boys.

“I was told I would deliver under general anaesthetic and that I may not survive the birth. Could it get any worse!?

“It was hard to look at Steven. How could this happen to us? We are good people, we have simple lives and live for the simple things.

“We felt such happiness at the news of our new family member and now I knew I may not get to even meet her or she might not make it either.”

Of her marriage plans, she added: “I would love to have the same name as my son and fiance. I would love to still have that dream day.

“If I deteriorate then we will may marry at my hospital bedside or in the church Chapel with family.

“But it’s such a shame not to celebrate our love properly and get to feel amazing for the day with Kieran in a little waistcoat… what about our daughter! She could also be part of this and my children can then look back on those memories before mammy went to heaven.”

Her dream did come true, captured in photos and video from her wedding ceremony in James Cook University Hospital, Middlesbrough.

It was just over a week later that Tracey lost her battle.

Steven said his wife was first diagnosed with breast cancer in 2016.

She underwent a mastectomy followed by chemotherapy and radiotherapy before going into remission in July 2017.

He said: “We knew we wanted another baby, so we had IVF treatment and successfully had 13 eggs frozen.

“But she fell pregnant naturally in September and we were absolutely elated because we didn’t think that would happen.”

His wife began to have severe headaches and sickness before doctors broke the devastating news that her cancer had returned and was terminal.

Steven added: “They gave her three to six months but, Tracey being Tracey,
she never gave up and was always fighting.

“She was my best friend, we were always together.”

Doctors made the decision to deliver Kyla by Caesarean section on March 19.

Steven, who works for a games company, said: “They said Tracey might not wake up, but luckily she did come through it.

“She was so worried that she might never get to see her daughter, but she did.”

On March 30, the couple married at the hospital in a ceremony organised by staff.

Steven recalled: “I wanted to make it as special as I could for her, so I contacted friends and we had the room all decorated.

“A bridal shop donated a dress and I got suits for me and Kieran.

“I think she was quite shocked when she saw the room.”

He added of his wife’s final moments: “I got up onto the bed and held Tracey in my arms with her head on my chest and she passed away peacefully.

“When I had to tell Kieran it was the hardest thing in the world I have ever had to do, it was heartbreaking.”

Although they had been together for 10 years, Steven and Tracey knew each other at school.

Steven added: “I slept by her bed at the hospital for four weeks because I didn’t want to leave her, so it is hitting my now I am home and it seems so so quiet.”

Always thinking of others, brave Tracey, who worked at Durham University, wrote a blog to raise awareness of breast cancer.

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